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bobby is my favorite character so the last episode really got me. i realize this season no one's safe but i hated that they got my bobby elvis! hopefully they'll get him back.

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Haven Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Nowhere Man

The fact that the heroine (in both forms ) is rendered so powerless bugs me. Audrey has had to be rescued twice in 2 episodes. Really wonder about the whole Nathan-Audrey- Mara thing. Apart from the fact that there already is an Audrey Parker (the brunette) and this separation or rebirth was a result of a trouble which they all want to end, they've talked about Audrey and Nathan being connected and even said Nathan's trouble was the first they thought of etc, so who is Nathan really connected to Audrey or Mara?


Harrison Wells is certainly a ruthless sort, isn't he? I'm going throw in and say that he's a time traveler who is trying to ensure his own existence in the future, and that Barry is an essential part of this. Here's a truly out-there theory: he's Barry and Iris's grandson, Bart Allen!

Cena gomez

Okay review. It reads a lot better when you do avoid Liv's choice of a better man between Fitz and Jake and you refrain from your usual Fitz hate diatribe. Both have killed..but I still see Fitz as less cold blooded. Verna, tried to kill him, she was on her death bed, and also...she was going to rat out the Fitz saved Mellie, Liv, Cyrus, and Hollis from Federal prison time. The Plane of course was military duty and come can't really count a Pilot following direct orders from his Commander...So to me Fitz is a good guy at heart and tries to do the right thing...So, I have no doubt that once Fitz finds out the truth he won't kill jake. He didn't kill Jerry. But, he's not innocent when it comes to killing James, 2 innocent women in cold blood...So even if Fitz lets him go...I don't see the monster Cyrus of letting it go. Cyrus is just buying time until it is right to make his move on Jake. I predict the season finale....Jake will die. This episode was meh meh meh...alright. But I have to disagree with you about Mellie. Mellie is very predictable. Like Liv said...let Mellie be Mellie. So, her taking the opportunity to turn her son's death into having some meaning as being a good keeping her as FLOTUS for four more years, was just the old Mellie coming back. She was elated at the news that her son was murdered. Mellie, who faked an miscarriage, induced labor, celebrated DD always politically motivated. So her reaction is why I feel the most for Fitz. This is the cold woman he had to deal with all these years. And please spare me about her which she also blackmailed Jerry into striking a deal with so she would keep her mouth close. Whatever it takes to advance her career and life Mellie is down she's very predictable...Her reaction is true to her selfish nature....and I agree...Mellie really was the catalyst for Jake beat down. Fitz was so frustrated at her reaction and not knowing the truth about Jerry's death...he took it out on Jake's face...BTW, Jake was handcuffed...but I still believe Fitz could beat Jake down easily without handcuffs. Have you seen Fitz shirtless? He's buff and have muscles for days....or should I say Tony Goldwyn body is an Adonis...Whew child... "Your boyfriend...your other boyfriend" Cyrus...the king of Shade...HAHA!


Yeah, it took me a while to take in the change of pace of this episode. It's not what we are used to in this series, but I guess that's why this show is so appealing to me - I never know what to expect next! This episode dealt with Steve's feelings toward his father, and the story helped him realize better what his father had been like and how his sending his children away for their safety really cost John McGarrett. It was nice to see Steve come to terms with that part of his past, and I think perhaps it was important for him to reach this understanding before the 100th episode. Great acting by Alex, DDK, Bill Sadler, and Mirrah (Ellie). Looking forward to seeing more of Ellie in future episodes.

Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Loose Lips

When is netflix in the US going to include these last episodes?

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Legacy

best show I have seen in years.

Cristela Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Mr. Felix & Ms. Daniela

Totally agree with the office scenes for this episode. I was completely uninterested and they really need to do something more with Trent's character. Every time i see him i know the inappropriate jokes are coming. Arberto continues to be a lovely creep. Seriously, he was hugging the teddy. Hahahahaha


I just don't get why you're so hung up about the body in the water Doug. Let's say the San Dominick left Norfolk and was cruising south at 15kts. In 3 hrs they' d be 45 miles out and in the gulf stream. Dump the body in that gulf stream and things move quickly. FUrther the Navy cruiser is much faster, with a top speed probably twice that of the cargo ship, between the time the body was actually dumped from the ship to its discovery was what 3-10hrs? not sure but all we did know is that the body wasn't bloated, which only means not days in the water, but hours, could have been as many as several. The cruisers ability to move at much higher speeds relative to the San Dominck doesn;t make this implausible at all. ALso remember that as they were investigating the body preliminarily the San Dominick may or may not have still been moving. At that point the pirates were thinking about being close enough for a much smaller boat to come out and take them off. I really enjoyed the show, loved McGibbs as I've never really seen a super confident Timmy anyway. If he had to channel Gibbs so what. TOny's done that too in Hiatus and Bounce. A true team episode , and of course we knew that Gibbs could over power a shaky gun man. More anxious to see what Gibbs would do with him, and he didn't disappoint. The Borin, Tony, and Gibbs interactions seem so organic now, its great when they team up.

@ leia

I have no problem with the logic you presented....except that it works only if everything is in a straight line here. Finding a body in such a huge space of square miles is ridiculously unlikely. Imagine walking in a similarly size countryside and you'll have an idea of the probability of stumbling upon such a relatively small object. I mean it could happen, but the probability is similar to that of being struck by lightening or winning the lottery. More so when you consider they weren't actively looking for anyone. They just stumbled upon him.

The Flash Round Table: Does Eddie Have a Jealous Streak?

Iris is gonna fall in love with the Streak eventually, but not with Barry. Calling it now.

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