The story was based upon Elena , I hate to see her go, but I love the VD I will continue to watch I think that should add Nikki Reed to the cast as Damon's new love, I hope all the original cast members stay and that there are 30 seasons, Damon and Stefen are the two main characters long as they are there I'm watching, I think Nina will regret leaving but oh well bye

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 19 Review: Crazy Love

I also think that Derek is gonna die....I just saw on Twitter yesterday....Patrick Dempsey himself posted pictures of him speedcar racing in UK....that's so far away, which means he isn't filming in Grey's....hmm....:/ I hope he doesn't though...
Also....we need to see more of Jolex!! The couple have been relegated to the background a lot lately...

Castle Photo Gallery: Where's Richard Castle?

Sorry Leo,but I don't agree.We need to get kinda closure on this mystery who has haunted us all season.Also I think the writers of the show is excellent,although I was unhappy with the ending of season 6,season 7 has been brilliant up till now.Both the cast and crew has really brought their A game. There are so many great stories to tell,so many avenues to explore,so I do hope they will give us a season 8

12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Arms of Mine

I wonder if Cassie's hand will get all messed up now like Ramse's....
He wore 1 glove at first and now 2.
The babies are not the same clone but clones nonetheless.
Cassie CAN NOT BE the Witness. She was killed in an earlier episode.

Law & Order SVU Season 16 Episode 19 Review: Granting Immunity

Wearing seat belts doesn't cause deaths in car accidents. Not wearing seat belts in a car causes accidents.

CSI Cyber Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Crowd Sourced

Unfortunately this episode kind of went off the rails in favor of taking artistic license with technology. It would have taken a decent computer guy about two minutes to stop traffic from going to that website, without even touching the actual Web server. Changing the DNS for the domain name to make it point at a different server, or none at all, would have solved most of the problem. Or you could program the router at the last node before the web server to block traffic.

Helix Season 2 Episode 13 Review: O Brave New World

Great article Henry!! Thank you so much for your timely,creative, and well written review. Im not sure who engineered the immortal fluid. I re-watched and think it might be Jules. She is carrying around some goo substance and did much of the lab work with Sarah. I think Sarah did the injection, but Jules was part of the conspiracy. Hank why do you say Sara and Alan's baby is dead. #JarBabyLives. Last we saw JarBaby, he was safely rescued ad on Sarahs back. Alan was the only one in "sort of medical emergency. The gunshot and smoke inhalation. He was dying. The baby is fine. Why else would Sarah start working in that baby lab? She is doing what it takes for her child. Unless you saw something I didnt see. Amy and Landry are like Julia. Remember when Julia was first infected Season ! and she said to herself "You dont get sick". There is something in the DNA of the half immortal offspring. They all have special powers, not immortality, but the potential, and certainly they heal fast. I would have been so upset if Peter died. He is like the Joker, the Governor, Darth Vader, Jack Nicholson in the Shinning, we love the bad guy. We need him a good villain. His acting alone took this season to an epic level. All his talk on family and the one we create, and his love for Anne and this new child. Im so curious to see where this goes. He does treat Anne with so much genuine love. He is a better and more attentive father than Alan. Peter is changing..... Again the opening credits list Mark Ghanime staring in the cast, before Neil Napier, who is still billed as a guest star. Mark has still been all over Twitter about Sergio. #Red Herring. #SergioIsAlive Finally, Alan and Hatake. At last, we hear Hatake is involved and will be around with Alan. Cant wait. Now that will be fun to watch.

The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Heal Thyself

I really do not care for this show. This version of the Odd Couple seems forced.
It would be hard to do the Odd Couple, Klugman & Randall were fantastic.
Unfortunately Oscar is too frantic and Felix too self centered to enjoy
watching . Sometimes you cannot catch lightning in a bottle twice


I think that H50 will be renewed for another year. If it is done in a smart well
written way I do think that H50 can continue w/o Danno. They will need to develop a character that will add a certain zing to the show and have it build towards
a friendship similar[ yet a bit different] to the Steve & Danno relationship
I read that Bonanza never recovered from the sudden death of Dan Blocker. So whether the actor has lost interest or passes away it is never easy to deal with the loss of a main character, Scott's father left his show Vegas and while it seemed that the writers tried to make a sensible story line and even with the addition of Tom Selleck
the show ended within a year after his departure. Hopefully Scott will continue with H50 yet could history repeat itself? H50 has added several characters that were not in the 1968-1980 series. The
first version had Wo-Fat continue through all 12 seasons. Steve needs
a continuing adversary that crops up every now and then. The Doris
story is a good example of writers becoming too cute with a show and throwing nearly everything they can imagine into a shows background. It would have better in my opinion to have Steve's mother die and not have faked her death. They could have developed Wo-Fat in a way that would have them as adversaries w/o the connection to Steve's family. Grover has been a good addition to the cast but I agree that the chemistry is quite
different than Steve & Danno . We still do not know why Grover came to live in Hawaii. One of the main problems with this new H50 has been the tendency towards a cartoon approach with several plot lines. Examples would be the way Grover exited the Honolulu PD & the Doris/CIA/Wo-Fat story line. H50 still has mileage left but it all depends on whether the producers and writers think smart or drop the ball, The Elvis episode had several good moments but again another episode was wrapped with some loose ends. For example what happened to the two cops shot in the hotel? It seems that patrol officers are to this version of H50 are what red shirts were to the 1960's Star Trek. Also with the bullets flying it seems that there would have been many dead and wounded hotel guests. I have enjoyed this "re-booted" H50 from episode one. The actors are quite good but as much as I have enjoyed the series I still think that it would have been better if the story of 5-0 was a continuation of the story from the
1968-1980 show. That way the writers could have referred back to Jack Lord's
show at times .

Hawaii Five-0 Photos from "Powehiwehi (Blackout)"

to say I'm hooked already. This dark edgy Marvel universe brings a whole new
level to the superhero world; but it's its humour that saves it from becoming
totally bleak. Love that it is grounded in reality. The fight sequences are
handled deftly and you feel for what Matt puts himself through to help others.
The subtle references to the movies and other Marvel characters are just the
right touch to connect it to the larger Marvel world. Charlie Cox is superb as Matt. Matt Murdoch is a complex
character and Charlie brings this wonderful calmness and strength to the
character. The supporting cast are terrific as well. So looking forward to see
where this series is going to take me.