I am so disappointed. Congratulations Lisa Edelstein on your first season of your own series because you're amazing but this show is so bad that I am not sure I can return for another.


Remember "compliance will be rewarded" from Agents of Shield? The final scene explains Hydra's brainwashing techniques. They got it from the Russian psychiatrist.

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@ Thalassicus

Yes, thanks, it all makes sense now :)

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 18 Review: Tempus Fugit

The finally was awesome minus one important point. The entire reason they went to the old city hall was to blow up the witches bell. They even got the bomb in place. So why was it ignored? It left me feeling the finally was incomplete & that the writers missed the boat. Other than that detail it was a solid finally. I hope Season 3 happens & the bell is used to bring Katrina back so we can continue seeing good bitchcraft!

Castle Season 7 Episode 13 Review: I, Witness

Does anyone know how Rick was raised in the Hamptons in his youth? Was mom Martha really that successful or was she a mooch on the rich and famous like she resembles now? Just asking.


Brody lives in another property owned by Loretta.

@ Ayesha

Ah, thank you for the clarification!

Noisy from norway

Good epiode. Funny to think of Gibbs undercover as a it-guy. I get why Bishop is worried. She cleary values her marriage and her job. It's natural to worry if they come in conflict. How would any of us deal with that? For me the only plot hole is the neighbour not noticing it was McGee in tha hospital bed. They did meet earlier....

NCIS Season 12 Episode 16 Review: Blast from the Past

I think McGee has met Delilah's parents while she was in Hospital.

@ Amaryllis

I agree.........I think he did too........


So glad you found this great series, IMHO! Amazon.com has it in DVDs and Instant Video. Get the whole series and start watching from the beginning. You will love seeing the story and characters develop.


The finale was perfect! But I'm so so sad to see the show go. I was in tears a few times thinking about it. I loved how the finale was done with getting to see everyone's futures. I'm glad Gerry really gets to be elected mayor and live the fullest life only jerry can! I was surprised to see Tom's future business endeavors would be a failure, but I guess that's a testament to his character - that nothing will hold him down for long. And I'm glad Lucy is there to help him through it. April and Andy having babies was so cute. I loved Ron's approval and Leslie's immediate assumption that she would be the God mother. Though I would have liked to have seen what Andy is up to professionally in the future. Ron's new gig is super fitting but I don't fully understand where his family fits into that. And I still would have loved to have seen one last bit of Lucy Lawless! Jean ralphio's future is as hilarious as ever. I love how ben is always putting Leslie first, even in the future when he lets her fulfill her childhood dream. Leslie as governor! Woo! The scene in the parks department was so sweet. It was so nice to have everyone together again. And now Leslie and Ann can have their epic friendship back! And Ben and Chris too. I also loved all of Ben's nerdy scenes with Cones of Dunshire and his follow up game! Another favorite moment was Leslie convincing Ron to take the new job. "You'd live outside and talk to bears. Next argument." I'm glad he went to her for advice this time. I'm going to miss this show so much. It's always been so full of smart and incredibly well written humor. The cast is the best cast on tv. So here's to many more years of reruns!

@ Amy Lynn

Also, Ann named her daughter Leslie! That was so cute! It was cool to see that they're kids will get to be best friends now as well!