Heroes Caption Contest XXIX

(waking up after having a nightmare) Whoa! Did Hillary Clinton just lose?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 2

Chuck :Listen Nate ...
Nate (thinking) WTF did he eat, a dead rat?
Chuck :...it's my father wedding so it is totally...
Vanessa (thinking) it's smell more like bird shit to me, oh god i'm hearing your thoughts!
Chuck :...my right to put on some Backstreet boys if i want to! These guys rocksssss !
Nate (thinking) i can't stand it anymore, could you pee on yourself or something to get his attention please V.?
Vanessa (thinking without Nate hearing) Backstreet Boys and bad breath are so turning me on!!!

Patrick Dempsey: The Younger Years

Sorry, I prefer the old school Patrick...

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 2

Chuck: Why the heck are you just standing there staring at me?
Nate: I stepped on some gum and I don't want to look stupid in front of Vanessa by hopping around trying to get it off.
Chuck: So you're going to stand there, glaring at me looking manly and in control of the situation until she leaves?
Nate: (glaring harder for effect)Exactly.
Vanessa: (thinking) Are they even considering that I am two steps away and can hear everything?

T.R. Knight Not Marrying Mark Cornelsen (Yet)

So many people have so much to say about the gay's on Grey's and how it's so against the bible.
What about all the premarital sex going on? Is that not against the bible too? If yo'ure gunna hate on one cause the bible, hate on it all. i highly doubt you live your life exactly according to the bible, so don't judge others, cause you're not a saint either.

Whoops! Kate Walsh's On-Set Mishap

Oh dear. I do see where this is going. It happens to the best. It has been windy here too, so it has happened so many times to girls. Gotta love Kate. Can't wait until Private Practice comes back this fall!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: A Look at Season 2

Chair are together forever.
or Josh swartz..or whatever you want to be called.
anyway, crazy fangirl moment over and out.
I'm glad derena aren't a couple anymore, the mttly annoyed me, they are like, the world's most boring couple, I hated them being the central relationship when they were so boring, but S/D fans relax, like I said they are the central relationship and WILL be together, so just chillax, it makes me laugh thinking of the crazy derena fan folk who will be sobbing into their pillows screaming "I HATE THIS SHOW, I HATE THIS SHOW." after they read this, not that im judging I was one those after the season 1 finale when i thought chuck was gonna hook up with lydia hearst, but I guess he didn't

Gossip Girl Spoilers: A Look at Season 2

I heart Dan and Serena And Chuck and Blair and Nate and who cares. He is so hot i would bake cookies on him!

Katherine Heigl Takes Break, Multi-tasks

I have special cream topping for the cupcake.

Upcoming Kate Walsh Appearances, Pics