i llloovve izzy.so pleasssse tell me there will b a fifth season i dig the show

Gossip Girl Season Finale: The Alternate Ending

i think the ending was great some of the alternate ending, if used would have made it better aswell!
i think killing bart off would have been bad! but mite have been good to keep the lilly and rufus thing goin on.
There were a lot of clifhangers in the ending which leavs people wanting to know what happens next!


love u Blair!
u r my hero!!

Chace Crawford on Rachael Ray

that show was such a rerun. I saw it in December.
But yeah, he was cute. But then, he always is.
I like the sailor picture. He DOES look like the
Cracker Jack kid!!!

Eriko Tamura Reveals Season Three Spoilers

I hope she comes into the present, that way Hiro can have a love interest as well!

Penn Badgley & Blake Lively: Romance in N.Y.C.

I like Dan and Serena on the show. And I love the fact that they are dating in real life. They are so cute together.

Gossip Girl Look-Alike: Chace vs. David Cook

Omg are you freakin kidding me??
Chace is so lame if you ask me.
Yea the dude is fine but...
He's a sexy rocker.
And he is WAYYYY hotter than Lame Chace.
And thats just the way it is.

Shonda Rhimes Discusses Erica and Callie

I am with Beth on this! Sexuality is NOT cut and dry. You are attracted to who you are attracted to. Sometimes its men and sometimes it is women. This is a very difficult thing for "straight" women to realize. Kudos to Grey's for showing a dimension of the experience of being woman that most shows are too afraid to touch. The last time I saw this was Sex and the City when Samantha was in a realationship with a woman - and that didn't fail because it was with a woman, it failed because Sam was no good at committed relationships. So, people, open your minds and hearts and prepare for a great next season!

Shonda Rhimes Discusses Erica and Callie

The writer's strike forced Shonda and co. to speed this relationship along. If we had of been given the regular amount of episodes it may not have seen like such a sudden thing.

Ruby Gettinger: A 500-Pound Reality Star

It's about time we got some "real" reality subjects on TV. At least this seems like, I hope, it's going to be something I can relate to with being overweight myself. Anyway best of luck to you Ruby!