Shonda Rhimes Addresses Grey's Anatomy Critics: What Did She Say?

Patrick wanted to leave the series. Rhonda accommodated him. If anyone thinks s/he could have written a better exit, then write it and send it to Shonda. She may tap into your talent

Dancing With the Stars Results: And the Winner Is...

They got it right this time. Rumer and Val showed us variety in their routines. Rumer's technic, passion. She made her dancing seem effortless although we knew the effort it took.


I didn't find Sansa's wedding night shocking at all....it portray a realistic depiction of where we are in history. I found it worse that Reek was made too watch...but that also makes sense from a historical point of view because the wedding night has a bedding ceremony...doesn't make it any less creepy though. Sansa really lucked out with Tyrone, he didn't force her at all. There is no kindness in Ramsey, he is a deeply twisted individual. I think the writers have a different end game for Sansa (I know that at this point in the books she is still in The Veil and we barley see her) then perhaps what will happen in the books. As far as I see it they are putting Sansa through a lot of emotional story lines so she will grow as a character. They are preparing her for a big end-game I think, perhaps a Queen of the North type of thing. If Sansa were a male character would we be saying that he was always victimized? I think there is going to be way more to her story. I think Sansa will try to get Reek on her side and he will help her. This is just a step to her becoming a stronger character. She's become smart, she can see how Ramsey is, she knew if she didn't do what he wanted something worse would happen. She has to be smart and sneaky. Sansa has to play her role right, she knows this and she can do all of that but she can't be rash. She has learned from her mistakes in Kings Landing and won't make them again, exspecolly because what is at stake is her life and her home.

Arrow Round Table: Happily Ever After?!?

Felicity has become the character that ate the show. ETA I'm also in the camp that feels Sara was killed to make room for Olicity as much as for Laurel Canary.


Erin is an idiot. Hank bent over backwards to help her, and Jay was also extremely supportive. I have never been a huge fan of Sophia Bush, and I wish that her didn't get so much screen time. I love Hank, and enjoy him being so badass. Jay, Adam, and Trudy are also favourites of mine.

Arrow Season 3: Best Episode, Worst Plot Device and More!

I think you've covered off most what I liked and disliked about Arrow Season 3. After all the hype it failed big time, and when compared against The Flash, again disappointing. I hope the Arrow showrunners and writers take the hiatus to work hard on delivering a better Season 4 as I fear many viewers won't be back. And yes 313 Canaries was the best episode, I just watched it again and it had all the right beats. Shame the Black Canary got sidelined for much of the back half of the season. I think Thea just beat Laurel out for best character development, as her story was consistently told throughout the season, why Laurel's got pushed out for the Bad Romance. Best kick ass team up, Laurel and Nyssa, wished we had seen more of this. When you look at the screentime given to characters and where things went wrong, it really wasn't time well spent. (Note, I didn't compile these figures). SEASON TOTALS
Oliver: 8hours, 23mins, 24secs
Laurel: 3hours, 9mins, 1secs
Diggle: 3hours, 37mins, 53secs
Thea: 2hours, 19mins, 8secs
Felicity: 4hours, 37mins, 15secs
Roy: 2hours, 37mins, 54secs
Malcolm: 1hour, 36mins, 44secs
Quentin: 59mins, 46secs I give the season 5.5 out of 10, it was extremely average. A shame the writing let the cast down, as they all work so hard.

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@ theapplefour

Romance Laurel and Nyssa ewww, Nyssa belongs to Sara they don't have to share everything


Alicia needs to get a divorce... Go to nursing school... Get a job in an ER... Hook up with a nice doctor... :p

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Report Card: Grade It!

Best Episode: 4x08 - Smash The Mirror and 4x21/22 - Operation Mongoose pt 1&2
Worst Episode: 4x02 - 4x06 The Frozen arc didn't do it for me. They needed to find more of a balance between the frozen stuff and the show's central characters and they didn't.
Best Villain: Cruella. She was fantastic, I kinda wish we had gotten more of her.
Most Disappointing Recurring Character: I'll say Robin. However, I think that's a lot less to do with his character (whom I love) and more to do with the writing and usage of his character this season. He's a great addition to the show and like Will his character has so much potential, but the writers need to take time to develop him and his storylines.
Most Disappointing New Character: Will. Again, I love Will, but they clearly forgot he existed most of the season. I also hate that he's been there a whole year and they still haven't bothered answering why he's in SB and what happened to Ana.
Most Shocking Twist: Zelena's pregnancy. Didn't see it coming.
Worst Twist: Zelena's pregnancy. Didn't see it coming and wish it hadn't.
Best New Trend: Regina and Henry's relationship becoming extremely more relaxed and him moving back home. Regina & Emma working together.
Best Kiss: Easily Robin and Regina. They have amazing chemistry.
Best Advice: Snow to Regina in 4x08 (pt1&2) - The speech Snow gave Regina while they were looking for Emma.
Regina to Zelena - 4x20 - The standing in your own way/being your own worst enemy speech.
Hook to Emma - 4x20 - Hook talking Emma into forgiving her parents
Regina to Emma - 4x19 - Regina talking Emma down from shooting Lily
Hopes for Once Upon a Time Season 5: More Robin Hood & OutlawQueen development
Some type of resolve to the pregnancy storyline
Emma as the dark one being resolved in 5A
A storyline for Will, if they have to venture off to save Emma bring Will along and let him get into the action too or something.
No more new character introductions, but more interaction with existing characters that don't interact much Charming/Regina, Hook/Robin, Snow/Robin, Regina/Hook etc.
More Robin/Henry & Regina/Roland interactions.
Great storyline.
Final grade for Once Upon a Time Season 4: 4A: C, 4B: B+

@ Taylor

"No more new character introductions, but more interaction with existing characters that don't interact much Charming/Regina, Hook/Robin, Snow/Robin, Regina/Hook etc. More Robin/Henry & Regina/Roland interactions." Completely agree :) Everyone has fallen into a clique, yet the reason I enjoyed the show so much in the early seasons was that you got to see Red Riding Hood and Snow White as best friends, Captain Hook working for the Queens of Hearts--it was those unique character interactions that were so intriguing. In the pairings you mentioned, I especially enjoy anytime Charming is forced to interact with Regina (From Smash the Mirror-- Regina to Snow: "Do you know what I regret most?" Charming: "The countless innocent lives you destroyed?" Regina: Rolls Eyes). I also like when Hook and Regina snark back and forth--since season 2, I have always enjoyed their interactions. Hopefully, the scene in Sympathy of the De Vil where Regina and Hook are trying to talk some sense into Emma is just a sampling of things to come. Also, Belle needs to interact with somebody (somebodies) from the main cast or she will continue to be completely irrelevant. The scene with Belle and Hook in Darkness on the Edge of Town--I think many thought that friendship would be explored further, but it really wasn't. They could have at least shown more fall out from the "Rumple as Hook deception" which only got a minute max. in Poor Unfortunate Soul.

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I was shocked and sad that Dean killled Death. I truly hope that he is not dead because I adore him! I also hope that Crowley is not dead either. Ugh on Rowena being super powerful now, I was so hoping that she would be the one to die. The Darkness could be good, but I reckon time will tell. Jensen and Jared did an amazing job in last night's season finale.

@ Amy Perrin

I also really liked Death. The most powerful creature in the SPN universe. I don't think he is dead though - I think he maybe used to be the darkness or associated with the darkness until GOD defeated the darkness and gave Death a purpose.

Reign Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Burn

Hey "Reign" fans! Here's my farewell post to the season finale! We have a lot to ponder till this fall. Let me know what you think.

@ alt0002

Great job on the review, I really enjoyed it. You were right on, on so many levels. It is such a shame what they did to Mary's character this season, and the ratings show it. The Conde thing should have ended wayyyyy before it did with some true, heartfelt repentance from Mary. Then maybe it would have seemed believable. As it was, it was too little too late and sooo rushed. Even so, I loved what little they did give us. It was so good to see the old Mary back even if it is short lived. And I got all choked up during that love scene because Francis deserves all the love she has to give him. She had better do some BIG TIME making it all up to him in season 3. I still don't understand how she could look at the pain in Francis' eyes and then go and sleep with Conde. It just goes way beyond my understanding. She HAS become the "black widow" now, just like you said, and all of us who adored Frary are left with a bitter taste in our mouths. I agree that the old Mary is gone forever, there's just been too much damage done with her selfish, irrational behavior.