Another gem of an episode stuffed full of super meaty twists. Did not see the faith & Amy relationship twist. And funny they were so scared to come out of the shadows but now both have the courage and resilience of a horse to face their town. Didn't think faith should continue on the show but also would miss her genuine kindness and personality. Love the growth and dimension we saw from rachel, Quinn and mary, who finally opened up big time. Hopefully they continue to stretch those three characters out to the max as they are the most intriguing portions. Especially mary who has so much depth and can be pryed wide open, slowly over time, to reveal a strong character that rises to the cream of the crop and ends up on top. #teamfaimy

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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Turn Down

Loved this episode!

Bring It: Watch Season 1 Episode 10 Online

KAYLA.... is the grate person on the team lol


Interestingly enough, the first thing I thought of when I first read of his passing was his son, Vince, whom I used to watch on "World Poker Tour".


I was highly disappointed that there wasn't even a mention of Naval Air Station Patuxent River. They had to pass right by Pax to get to Norfolk from Baltimore and it's an AIR STATION; planes galore which they said they were looking for. I know, it's just a show and Norfolk is much bigger than Pax, but it was just a bit disappointing to see them skip over a naval base in a show about the navy. NCIS at least has had a few episodes set there, even if they get the terrain wrong (it's on a peninsula, guys, no mountains!)

Elizabeth harlow
@ Serenity

After that terrible White House set, I was actually glad to get them away from places where I'm familiar with the geography! In the land of TV, geography and common sense always fall victim to plot expediency.


I've been under the assumption that Caliban/Clare was much stronger than the average person, and was surprised when he didn't bust out of that cell in a fit of rage. I'm gleefully waiting for the Putneys to suffer a horrible fate at the hands of Mr. Clare. Somehow it would be fitting that they wind up as waxed-over models in their own museum (doesn't this typically happen to most sinister wax museum owners?). So...there's still so much to explore over the next several seasons, like the invisible man, Dr.Jekyl/Mr. Hyde, the mummy, good ol' Vlad (of course), dopplegangers...

@ Calvin Lehr

I must say had my doubts when I first started watching the show but now totally love it, even with it's little shortcomings (no show is free of them). Just upset that the season felt like it just started and now there's only one episode left! Btw, I also agree that Caliban should be able to bust out of that cage...I mean didn't he rip Proteus in half with his bare hands? Running around snapping people's necks with one hand?...

Criminal Minds Season 11: Aisha Tyler to Recur!

Just so long as no one uses the phrase "danger zone", I can get behind this.

Sarah silva

Ever since episode 2 of the season I have said that Sara is Charles! Let's see if that turns out to be right.
I hope that Hanna and Caleb do not stay apart for long.
I am an Ezira fan and hope they are end game!
Spencer on pot may be amusing.

Sarah silva

Yes things got complicated!!
This show has promise to be really great!
I am hooked!

Sarah silva

Bravo here in Canada cut off the second episode so I had to pay to download it!
I have not watched Jason in a show before and man was I missing out! He is hot LOL and not to mention a great actor.
The gang members have to realize that he has to still do his day job so that no one gets suspicious!
I am sure that Sam had an affair.