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A good episode. The Kalinda wannabe envestigator was strange. Are we to belive a envestigator doesn't know she should check all sosial media and not just Facebook? Loved the judge with the noisy belly. Classic TGW story. Seems like the writers doesn't know what to with Carey and Diane. Hope to see them in court soon and not just office-trouble.


When watching The Walking Dead always remember, shit happens.


I can buy Dean not telling Sam immediately about what he has remembered about the Darkness because it's something that can wait until later, after the immediate threats have been dealt with. I can't, however, reconcile Sam's mature and reasoned argument about why they needed to separate and function as equals with Sam hiding his infection from Dean. Mature would have been telling him that "Yeah, I got hurt but you need to focus on Jenna right now and treat me as an adult who can take care of himself." Hiding it is backsliding into one brother getting his way because he doesn't allow the discussion to begin. Now we just need to see if Dean follows suit and continues to hide his recovered memories of his convo with the Darkness after he reunites with Sam and Sam's (immediate) danger has passed.

@ Julia Murray

Looks like Sam says something to somebody about being infected. If he keeps it to himself it will be interesting to hear how he justifies that decision. But I do agree Sam's speech didn't say anything about secrets and lies. He only brought up saving people, all the people. Hiding things should be on the bumper sticker too.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Was Jo Out of Line?

blah blah blah Alex and Izzie had known each other for much longer. WRONG. SO FREAKING WRONG. In Grey's timeline, all the time Izzie was in the show makes a little more than two years. Alex and Jo have been together for three years already, not counting the time they were friends before. Plus, Alex and Izzie weren't married yet when they fertilized the eggs. I'm glad that Alex knows Jo well enough to figure out why she was upset and to understand her, which is great, since she's the only one that always understands him. But I'm sick of people having no empathy and being so unfair to her, while the writers make zero effort to show us more of her and waste time with those annoying monologues of Maggie.

@ CharlieAx

This! Thank you. I rolled my eyes too at the "Alex and Izzie had known each other for much longer". In season five just passed only 2 years since season 1, Alex and Jo have know each other for so much longer time, not counting the time jump, and especially they are in a relationship for so much longer than Alex and Izzie, married or not, never even come close. I agree with everything else you said btw ;)


When Hank suggested, "It's possible Simmons didn't see a monster, but someone draped in heavy gear protecting themselves from the elements," I suddenly thought of Khan and his people from Star Trek II...

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1 Review: First Time Again

I liked the color scenes vs. black and white scenes contrast. I wouldn't say this was one of the best episodes of TWD though - it was good but not fantastic, IMO.

Sp mckenna
@ Elizabeth Parker

I liked the contrast for the flashbacks and present time, too. Though, I hope that was merely for the premiere and not necessarily something that will continue with each episode.

Sarah silva

So Simon pretending to be gay and wearing fake glasses while at Quanitco makes total sense as he was probably all ready part of the FBI and was sent there undercover. However it seems like Liam was unaware. So I do not think that Simon was there to get dirt on Alex like Ryan is.
I still think that Shelby is the one who set up Alex, the person she keeps calling is in Iran or somewhere and she transferred a million dollars to the same person. At least I am assuming it is to the same person. The money was probably for the items used to created he bomb the evidence left on Alex's apartment.
So the twin experiment is over.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Shelby is being blackmailed into her actions?

Arrow Round Table: Here Lies... WHO?!?

I agree, I thought the S4 premier episode came out swinging and was fairly solid overall (I even liked it better than the Flash). Though I liked S3, it wasn't nearly as good as the previous season so this seemed like a much needed refresher. I agree, I'm really not wanting Malcolm to come back so when he does, I hope they keep it to a minimum. He's definitely overstayed his welcome. Lance is grating on my nerves somewhat too. He's so hard on Oliver and for what? He really can't see ANY good that Oliver has done for the city? Same goes for Dig. I see why he's upset but if Lyla has moved on, he needs to as well. As for who is in the grave, Felicity seems too obvious (plus, I think there would be just too much fan outcry from that) unless Emily is just really wanting off of the show and they figured they would send her out with a bang. Plus, Oliver didn't seem upset enough (nor did Barry) for it to be her. My guess is it's going to be Diggle. That would be a pivotal character. Fans would definitely be upset by that but I don't think they would be as upset if it were Felicity. Given that the writers have already said they're going to explore Dig looking more into H.I.V.E. and how his brother died, I'm guessing that it will be something related to that. Especially since Damien is connected to H.I.V.E. Barry has worked with Dig before (on some of the crossovers) so that would give reason for Barry to be there. Again, that's just a theory. I'm kind of hoping that's not correct because I really like Dig and would much rather have it be either Thea or Lance.


I think maybe the plot line is moving a little slow.............. No doubt Carla will show her claws before too long and no doubt she will find out about Hap and Jules................. Billy got to greedy.........and him seeking revenge probably won't end well. I do think Hap will finally realize Wick was behind the robbery................. This show is still reminding me too much of Dallas ........but I'm still going to keep watching.............

@ Terrie

I don't know if it's slow. There's too much happening and too quickly, I think. Last week, we got 2 new characters. Last night, we got 2 more new characters, AND we got re-introduced to characters who we haven't seen since episode 1. Throw all of their stories in with the other established 6 characters, and it was just too much. I like a good soap with interchangeable stories, but a regular soap would never have that many stories happening at once. Focus on a few, and make them strong. Too many plots get very messy, and the writing gets sloppy.


I have to say it is time for Howard to go.............he has been the comic relief on this show since the beginning and it's grown old and now adds nothing to the show.........Bye Howard! No, Ruth Eastman won't just lay down............wouldn't be any good if she did....... Anybody else notice that Kalinda was mentioned? That was funny after how this last week it was reported that Archie basically called Julianna a liar regarding Archie's leaving the show............... No doubt there's sparks with Alicia and Jason.........I'm wondering where this will go.........

Noisy from norway
@ Terrie

Do you know the name of the actress playing the photographer-mother? I know I've seen her before but I cant remember who she is. So annoying!

@ Hege Halvorsen Ålgårdstad

That was Amy Irving. Being totally blonde throws you off a bit!

Noisy from norway
@ Carissa Pavlica

Thanks! You're right, the blonde hair was confusing.