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But Kudos to Amanda for being the ONLY reviewer who noticed the shaky logic in the supposed Head Over Heart argument. Of course, this argument is not Lexa's, but the 100 writers :-( I think it's nuts how everyone's buying into this "Lexa chose her head instead of her heart" thing. Mount Weather has been a long-term strategic threat to the grounders for years. I wish someone would explain to me how letting such a strategic threat continue, when you actually, for the first time ever, are THAT close to terminating it, qualifies as "choosing from the head"? All the tactical sacrifices, like what happened in Ton DC, made sense only when the goal was strategic victory. How is getting back even 250 caged grounders home (after sacrificing 250 at Ton DC) a strategic victory? If the plan had gone wrong, and this was all Lexa could salvage, I would understand it. But the plan was working- the power was down, the door was open, and the RATIONAL choice would have been to take out Mount Weather once and for all. Choosing from the head would be Lexa telling Clarke that this was NOT a rescue mission. That Lexa would be willing to sacrifice all the caged grounders, AND the 44, to be able to eliminate Mount Weather as threat forever. THAT would be choosing from the head (AND a betrayal of Clarke, but a betrayal that made SENSE). Instead, we are supposed to buy that Lexa, the commander of a Warrior culture with no higher value than courage in battle, just give up her first and only chance to free the 12 tribes from Mount Weather and its reapers, and just slink away. And we all fall for this logical sleight of hand and say: Lexa chose her head instead of her heart. Lexa was smart. She must know that whatever promises for the future Cage or Dante made are worth nothing. That the veil will be up again, that the technologically superior Mountain men will continue to be a threat, and that she lets slip by her only chance to eliminate it, and is willing to continue to live in its shadow, is simply absurd- I wouldf like to see ONE historical precedent of a great leader / general who made the same un-strategic, short term decision. And if the logic is that now the Mountain men will get all the bone marrow they need from the sky people, and will not need the grounders anymore, that's short sighted too, since the Mountain Men see the grounders as savages, and once they've eliminated the sky people for bone marrow tand get OUT of the mountain, they will of course NEED to eliminate the grounders so THEY can live in peace OUTSIDE. It's even worse now the Mountain Men don't NEED the grounders alive- they could arm missiles with biological "veil" warheads, for instance, or use a new tech Final Solution and wipe the grounders out entirely, since they have NO reason to co-exist peacefully with them. And with the loss of the alliance, Lexa has lost also the Sky People Tech support. NO SENSE. Another crucial aspect of the problem. It makes no sense to sacrifice a proven, fruitful, trusted, strategic alliance for short term tactical gain. All of this head over heart nonsense is just a way to deflect us from what really happened. Drama Over Character and Logic. Way NOT to go, 100 Writers :-( I'm so angry and depressed- not with Lexa, but with who wrote her- HE/SHE, the writer, is the BIG BETRAYER, not Lexa. This is just SO depressing. I don't think I've ever been so angry at a TV show I love so much! I don't think tho that we'll see Lexa next episode. She's not in the official description of next episode, and she doesn't appear in the Cast List. I think she'll will make at least 1 guest appearance next season. And I hope, when they meet again, that Clarke takes her out- and I don't mean on a date :-( I would have gone into the whole LGBT aspect of throwing away the Kiss like this but it was dealt with very well by SaturnaliaGirl.

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Amanda festa
@ Jill Bauer

Thanks for the kudos, Jill! It is definitely a controversial decision, and one I did not see coming. Overall, I thought the episode was fantastically done. But I do think we need more information on what went into Lexa's decision. Because, while it does save her people, it breaks a beneficial alliance with the Sky People, who also have weapons and technology. Not to mention, there is no guarantee that the Mountain Men will keep up their end of the bargain. With the Arker bone marrow they will be outside the mountain, and still have missiles. Seems dangerous to trust someone who once used your people so savagely. But I think we need more information before we make up our minds or write anyone off. We have to remember that we weren't privvy to the conversation that led to Lexa making the deal. We don't know what was said or what threats were made. The writers know what they are doing and I think we have to see where this is going. It is a controversial move, and I am sure they knew that. I have a feeling all will be revealed and it will make sense for the long-term story. The showrunners/writers love Lexa, so they are not going to engage in baseless character assassination. Something is coming!

Vikings Season 3 Episode 3

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Sarah silva

Great episode.
I am glad that Deacon finally told Rayna that he has cancer. I was really not surprised by her reaction. I hope the show does not kill off Deacon. I think that Rayna will do all she can to help Deacon. Like almost everyone, I think that Maddie will be a match. Possibly Rayna.
I really like Caleb he is hot and seems like a really nice guy. I like him and Scarlett together. I was a little mad that Gunnar was jealous. I am not sure if Gunnar and Scarlett are end game or not. I just hope he lets her be happy with Caleb.
I did laugh too when Gunnar was coming up with all the band names. I also laughed when Avery and Gunnar each said a word out loud.
I too liked Luke this week.
I am getting annoyed with Will as well. He is a closeted gay man that has hatred for other gay men. He needs to change his ways soon and finally be himself. I see him standing on a railroad track again in the future playing chicken, like he did before if he does not come to terms with things very soon.
I can not stand Jeff and if Layla keeps him around I fear that she will also go down a bad path.
Oh Teddy you are going to lose your girls and your job very soon!

CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Kidnapping 2.0

I saw the pilot and nothing interested me at all. I did not find it interesing. Boring for me. Bring back the real CSI I hope they will renew CSI

Modern Family Season 6 Episode 17 Review: Closet? You'll Love It!

"He demonstrates that willingness to fight the "grump-pa" nickname by joining the guys in trying to take down the drone. Yep, the guys have been at that for a while, but when Jay steps in to help, they finally get it taken care of." Jay had nothing to do with the drone take down. He was just another "idiot" (using the drone owner's choice of words). Gloria was the one who shot it down. She was either inside the house (with the window open) or on the upper porch.


LOVED the elevator scene with the 3 brothers, and seeing Terrence Howard sing and really play piano for a full song. Finally! Luscious Lyon, the music mogul & star, actually sings in his own show. That was a long time coming.

The Mentalist Season 7 Report Card: Grade It!

One final point can I just say Robin Tunney was fantastic this season - she is often overshadowed by Baker but she matched him this season.


It does look good onscreen. But, every nighttime soap fan could see this coming from the pilot episode. Anika is the Textbook Burned Ingenue, like Afton Cooper from DALLAS or Sammy Jo from DYNASTY. And, the whole "family unites against invader while they battle each other" development has Ewing Oil written all over it. If people were too young to have watched, or don't remember, DALLAS - Jock Ewing was a mean s.o.b. when the series began. He was a rough, raw oilman who clearly favored Bobby. JR was not the favorite son, and over time developed his bag of tricks to get the attention he craved from his "Daddy." It's kind of amazing how Larry Hagman made JR the beloved character in the show. Anyway, Billy Berretti = a more successful Cliff Barnes. I wonder if we'll see him eating Chinese takeout in future episodes.

Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 16 Review: Lockdown

Great episode considering it was directed by Thomas Gibson. Highlight of the ep was Reid speed reading the inmate files, the egghead still has his moments. Kate is growing on me but I find it weird for an undercover agent she got so rilled up over a hostage situation.

@ Dean

Shoot! I forgot to mention that Gibson directed it. Thanks Dean. Going to add it now.

Empire Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Unto the Breach

I love Empire, so I liked this episode by default. I am Team Cookie and I want to see her win FOR REAL!!! These little 'mean girls/ Jerry Springer' victories of Cookie over Anika are only battles, not the war. "I get it ", Cookie is 'ride or die' for Empire. That's why the fans like her and not Anika who is out for herself. Cookie can work the hood and she can develop and manage artists, but when will we see her 'own her own' in the executive suite. Cookie wants her throne back, just because Anika betrayed Luscious does not mean anything for Cookie getting real respect at Empire. The way that they are playing Cookie's character does not give her any room for growth. Even though she is a 'all that', Cookie is stuck in 'hood mode'. Luscious has turned into a 'fake azz' Donald Trump wannabe that is why he is so enchanted by Anika's fake superficial ways, an Amal Clooney wannabe. She practically said it right out of her own mouth while planning the wedding. In real life, someone like Cookie would have 'peeped' this in Luscious. Cookie only sees it in Anika, she has completely missed it in Luscious. In real life, Cookie would 'shut it down' and send Anika packing FOR REAL by serving up some milk with those cookies.
Empire Forever!!
P.S. I do not want Cookie and Malcolm to hook up, I want Andre to discover his artistic talent and Anika can marry Beretti and learn the error of her ways.