Scandal Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Baby, It's Cold Outside

I hope Fitz finds out about the abortion and makes it public. She chose him and at the end gave up on him, after he did everything to be with her, even giving up on his marriage. She has become a despicable character, I hope Jake stays away from her and continues to ignore her. Fitz was ready to give up on his presidency so they can be together but she reminded him that she wanted power and to keep being a mistress in hiding all while doing her job of pretending to be better than anyone else. I will continue to watch the show until the end of this season and if it doesn't get better, I wwon't be watching next season!


Sherlock needs to teach Joan how to bob and weave, me thinks.

Elementary Season 4 Episode 4 Review: All My Exes Live in Essex

I was surprised that Holmes made a negative comment about boxing when int he short stories he regularly boxes himself.

NCIS Round Table: A Torpedo to Bishop's Marriage

I was wondering who is the actor who portrayed Bawlimer P.D. Detective Malone?


Whats going To happen to Reign?


One of the better NCIS NOLA episodes. I enjoy when drama shows take the time
to develop the back story of the various characters. What I like about the NCIS
shows is the interaction between the characters. NCIS NOLA keeps getting
better & better with each episode. If the producers & writers can keep on
track with episodes that are not off the wall then I think that NCIS NOLA
will have a long run. I would like to see more crossover episodes including
members of the "Red Team". I think that the " Red Team" had promise
maybe it was the intermix of the characters that did not work? I like the
way the NCIS NOLA team has jelled. Always enjoy Scott Bakula having
watched Enterprise from episode 1. Perhaps the producers could introduce
a new character a nemesis for Pride & maybe they could cast one of the actors
from Enterprise? Having a long running villain matching wits with the
good guy{s} throughout the series such as the original 5-O did with Wo-Fat
versus Jack Lord's McGarrett can make for some interesting TV episodes.

Code Black Season 1 Episode 9 Review: The Son Rises

I think the song the Lion King sung at the end (does anyone know the name of that song they sung at the end?) tied up all the cases going on in this episode well. That in the end, as long as you have family/those who care about you around, you'll be ok. Nice theme actually, given it was Thanksgiving week and all. Mario is becoming really annoying by the minute. I get his "took the hard road to get where he is and he didn't think he could make it " mentality but being all cocky and such a douche bag in everything he says and does isn't going to get him anywhere. He needs to loose the attitude already and like you said that tiff with him and Angus is getting old and I like Angus so I am not a fan of Mario dragging Angus character down with him. The acting chief of ER (can't remember her name) is going to be fun to watch!!!


The actress's name is Wagner. The town is Wagoner.

@ catsend

?? I went through the whole thing and couldn't find Wagoner anywhere. Nor in the comments. You're the only one who posted "Wagoner". To what are you referring, exactly?

@ Douglas Wolfe

The hometown of bishop's family i believe. A little town in Oklahoma.

@ Pbeau

Thank you very much for explaining it. There was no way I was going to be able to parse it out otherwise.


That kiss with Jamal and Skye was off the chart! Boy, would his father be in seventh heaven if he was able to love a wiman. Maybe he is really bisexual. The songs are fantastic. Jamal has a beautiful voice. Sounds reminiscent of Michael Jackson. Cookie and Lucious still are hot for each other....Let's not deny it. What's up with Anika? Has she lost it? Empire is a deliciously addictive show. I love it!


I can't believe the critics don't like this program. The message of family love and sticking together through it all, is wonderful, unlike the usual bickering on many shows. Would like to see Taye Diggs become a part of the show. He and Morris Chestnut have great bro chemistry. I'm also a great fan of Lorraine T. who plays the mother. Her role should be expanded. All in all, a very enjoyable show. Hope it gets a second season.