1) Raj will dump Emily
2) Penny and Leonard will get married
3) Amy will move in with Sheldon
4) Bernadette and Howard will decide to have a baby.

@ Amy

For #3, Amy gets Leonards old room since he will obviously be living with Penny now. Still no coitus for them yet. Maybe next season.


It seems Fiona actually made a very rare, but accurate call regarding Jimmy/Steve/Jack. She ended it, then any concerns regarding the matter seems to have been cemented, when Jimmy/Steve/Jack's partner, (Angela?) told Fiona that the Dubai trip was actually canceled and that his name is (according to her), is Jack. So, it seems that Jimmy/Steve/Jack is truly a lying a-hole, and I'm happy that Fiona chose not to get back with him. Great episode - especially with Frank getting shot! However, I do agree with many others here about how the Fiona-Jimmy/Jack/Steve thing was ended (IF, it actually was). WAY too abrupt. Their history together was far too complex to have it end so quickly... whatever.

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I'm glad Sal and Fish are dead. I found both characters (and the actors who played them) very annoying. They also made Oswald/The Penguin into a simpering, conniving fool. This show started off strong, but its sliding off the map fast. Even Jim and Harvey have gotten annoying. As you said Sean, "uneven tone of super campy and then super dark/violent."


Since I didn't see the promo the Batcave reveal was new to me. But coming after that tiresome episode it was a serious anti-climax. All the cuts to the Bruce scenes were pointless with poor timing. Alfred looked just as surprised as Bruce, but I find that impossible. Must have been for the promos.

Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Ginger Bread

Thanks for at least acknowledging, that not only men can open their mouths and ask a person out. It's 2015 and people (especially in tv and movies) try to convince us, society and its rules hasn't changed, men are the only ones who should put their worries and anxieties aside (figuratively and in a derogative way "grow a pair") and be constantly in a very vulnerable position, whereas women can pick and choose from the warmth of their gender benefit to be passive.
It's sad many men and women still operate in this paradigm.

@ GrafWallenstein

Right after her attempt at suggesting Russ seize the day, it sure seems silly that she didn't do the same thing. She definitely doesn't have the enthusiasm I'd expect of someone if they were asked onto a cruise by someone they really liked. So she has a backup guy in Mr. Cruise. Why not throw caution to the wind and ask out Russ? As zagsfan says below...it's really frustrating!

Ronald simkins

I may be wrong but I think the baby is the key to everything. She will be Dahlia's undoing and maybe give Klaus a comeuppance.


i'm liking seeing ariel winter's growth a bit, i hope she doesnt go down the haley path though. she has always had a lot of potential but writers have given her enough to fill up screen time

Dancing With the Stars Review: Sparks are Flying!

I am not thrilled with this season. It lacks something. I can't pinpoint it. My favorite is Riker


in ideal world, it would be charlotte and margaux in a double team bobbin and weavin to take down victoria

NCIS Round Table: The Wheels on the Bus

Just look at those 8 smiling faces above, it is sad to think one of them could be dead by the end of the day.