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Which songs were your favorite, ofcourse each song comes with a good moment, so wht is yours? I think one of mine would Raj and Ivy splitting up due to Raj's horrible new news and his concerns over Ivy's future if they were to stay together for any longer. The song was Ron Pope - A Drop In The Ocean, but many of you know that because, its a major heart-ache scene with a good song to it. For the future I think that the producers should use the following two songs, Life Is A Song - Patrick Park (ending song from The O.C.) and I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin Degraw (beggining theme for One Tree Hill in the first couple of seasons if not for the rest, I'm sitll on the 1st one). Anyway, any good songs and moments that come with them, please post freely. :)

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Hey I am a huge 90210 fan and love the music i do have a fav but im not sure even what the song/instrumental is called and i have looked everywhere to find it and i need a bit of help it was in 2 episodes in season 3 the first was episode 11 holiday madness the music was playing when annie was waking liam up when they were in dixon's room and they both shared a kiss and then it was also playing in season 3 episode 12 liars when annie and liam were still in the dixon's bedroom and talking please i really want to know what this song is called please help me find it its my fav song 

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