i have a question!

is the neomi-liam storyline over? deos anyone know if they're planing on getting back together of something? 

i just really hate annie, so i ff any scene she's in (really - i do, from like, the 10th episode of season 1)- and if the keep the whole liam and her storyline - it's gonna be a big problem!!


thank you all 8)

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I haven't read anything.

But Liam said they were over after she lied about Mr. Cannon sexually harassing her. 

They haven't interacted at all. They have only spoken once this season actually.

And that was only when Annie asked Naomi if she could be with Liam and she approached him and gave them permission to do it.

So I suppose that yes, they're over. Annie and Liam are on. Sorry to dissapoint. But remember, Annie is main lead character. She get's all.

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Sweety, hate to say but I think that couple had their run.
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It's a girl!


Me jealous? It's not like she's better than me. I have to figure out that girl's flaws. For Max's sake.

Naomi [referring to Madison]
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