I say her mom cause in episodes 6-7 of season 1, Costance tells Ade they almost lost the house but luckily Ade got the movie and Naomi asks Ade" hows mommie dearest" Ade says" desperatley trying to be Dina Lohan and hating herself every minute she's not" thats a lot of pressure for 16/17 yr ols. Naomi goes to Ade's and Contnace tells her Ade's been blowing audtitons. Frist 3 episodes of season 2, Adrianna wated to quit acting but Constance kept nagging/pressuring her to auditon for a tv show pilot. Also, Ade said in season 3 in the sweat lodge why she was soo about her career-she didn't want giving up her baby and dropping out of high school to be for nothing. I also belive she wanted to become rich so she and her mom didn't struggle financially/have to work 2 jobs(her mom).
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Maybe you're right, but I'll just stick with my opinion.

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sorry didnt mean to start all this off. + brandy im very sorry if i offended you with the molester theory. 

Asht - i completely agree, if she witnessed a murder or something as a child or something then maybe she doesnt have much control over her actions due to her seeing something like that. 

also after doing drugs repeatedly i think it would start to cause some paranoia and some sort of illness in the brain. someone correct me if im wrong, i wouldnt know about drugs:3

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