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i love annie and liam 2 geather

hope they hook up

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Fist of all: STOP saying that you hate Annie or Naomi or Ivy. They're all people and make faults like everyone else and noone can control love, so it's noones fault when a person fall in love with another.

Now to the theme: Naomi and Liam are IMO ok, but they have different interest and it's seemed like she care more about herself than about him and that made their relationship even more complicated then it was. In the first season they had chemistry since their first met, then he was a liitle angry at her making him going to scool and she tried to help him, then he showed her his world, protcted her and kissed her. It's was very cute, but crazy too. But he seemed to like Annie too, or just don't wanted to only date Naomi, so he asked Annie out, but she said no. So he and Naomi continue dating, she found out that he really likes her and it was all romantic until her sister tell him lies and slept with him.

Ivy and Liam were somehow cute, but he was still in love with Naomi, so he never was really in llove with her.

Annie listened to Liam and he listened to her. They were only classmates, then he drove her home and they could talk, then they become friends, then they accidently listened her parents argue and talk about it, because he understand how she feel, then she told him his biggest secret and he was there for her and didn't judge her, now that get closer and closer. From the tree couples I like them most. Their love grow from a strong friendship. The only thing I don't like is, that Annie comes together with one of Naomi ex-boyfriends again. And that will ruin their friendship and I like Annie more with friends than lonely, because of her boyfriend. And I don't think that Naomi will forgive her easily because she love Liam more than she loved Ethan.

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the promo speaks to itself.

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Liam and Naomi all the way!!!!! I can't stand Annie

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Lannie 4ever , best couple this show ever had !

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Liam with Naomi, definitely. I really don't like Liam and Annie :|

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Liam and Naomi of course !

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Liam and Annie. <3 They never really had a chance. :D

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Liomi :D I've always loved them together and whn they broke up the way they did I think they have unfinished business.
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Liomi ! they rock together ! 

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