I love to see Annie and Liam together. 

That is a reason I watch it and don’t care anyone else in 90210.


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annie is just bloody annoying

but he didnt really match naomi in hindsight. so i pick neither. 

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I think Liam and Naomi were amazing together at one point. Liam was super hot in the first season when he was all mysterious and bada**. He had a spice to him. He fell for Naomi for a reason and what now... he's a changed person, and all of a sudden he doesnt want her? He wanted her for so long and liked her outspoken personality. He was able to talk to her. It sucks Naomi wasnt there for him during second season but she was also going through a lot. He should forgive her!!! Itseems like everyone changes after dating/seeing Annie. Ethan and Liam both were bad boys who turned good. They should still keep Liam all dangerous otherwise hes boring. Annie isnt boring but its annoying how she gets all of Naomis exes. If not Naomi for Liam then at least put Ivy and Liam together. They were really cute too :D

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I dont like seeing Liam all goody goody. What happened to his impulsiveness when it comes to kissing..and his "fast and furious" car races? lol. Its what made him so intriguing. Naomi wanted him so bad and finally got him. And she was there for him when he talked about his crappy life. She just got caught up in her own life, its only normal. Even though she has her bi***y moments, I really like Naomi. Shes a REALLY good friend. And she tried with Liam..for the most part when she wasnt distracted by her own issues. Its normal for people to make mistakes. Naomi and Liam are both troubled and they looks so cute together. They should help each other out with their issues. I think Liam and Annie are cute too but Annie doesnt seem to measure up to Liam or vice versa. Annie will find a better guy. I thought she and ethan were perfect :(  I hope in the end though...LLiam and Naomi end up together..In an interview, Liam (Matt Lanter), even said he hopes things work out with him and Naomi in the end. Didnt he say shes wild and fun? They have great chemstry on and off screen it seems like. Go Liam and Naomi!!

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The thing though Naomi and Liam is that they were attracted to each other but when they actually started dating, it was like they were trying too hard to make it happen. They in a way forced the chemistry that they had and it didn't end really well. What's beautiful about Annie and Liam is that they were there for each other and that's what made them fall for each other. Not physical attraction but actual feelings for one another


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Naomi! They could have been wayy cuter. The writers didn't know how to write them. She got caught up on her screwed up life for a bit and suddenly they aren't good. No annie pisses me off and I don't like her
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Definitely Annie! They look gorgeous together. Their history is great so far and they LOVE each other.

Liomi were gross , only sex,sex,sex and nothing more. Even if they tried they would never be even near as cute as Lannie are. And AnnaLynne and Matt have NO chemistry whatsoever.

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they were not just sex,  i think lannie fans forget liam said he loved naomi in season 2. they really cared about each other. AND had chemistyy! which is more than i can say for liam and annie. there totally boringggggg

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U must be kidding me!? Naomi is ugly. Liam should be with best girl and it's Annie .

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^ LOL. couldn't agree more.

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Doctor [to Erin]: Are you currently in a relationship?
Naomi: Actually she's in two.

This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. We all know it's why you lost Max.

Annie [to Naomi]
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