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Liam & Annie, because they're good together. And they're two of the prettiest people on the show.

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i think liam and annie would be a good couple. i would sure love to see that. i have been watching this show using online tv and i say that the story is getting quite slow. this would surely mix things up.

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Liam/Naomi. please.


yeah Liam and Annie are good looking together, but i dunno. they don't appeal to me as much as Liomi do.

unpopular opinion.

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I've only just started watching 90210 and I have to say, Liam and Naomi will always be my favorite couple! I just can't believe they had to write such crappy storyline for these two after building up high hopes for their relationship. End of S2 is such a disappointment for me. I never liked Liam and Annie together, they just don't have that chemistry and Annie is so boring!

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Naomi with Max.

Annie with Food.

Liam with Ivy.

Dixon with some girl.

Silver with Navid.

Adrianna with some guy.


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I hatee annie !! naomii and liam are so perfect togrther ♥♥

I love every thing about naomii :* she's a cute girl 3>

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Annie is soooooo boring and annoying. I know Annie is important in the story but the writer scrxx that charater too many times that Annie should be axed off!!I skip all the scene she is in (unless when she's with other girls) especially with Liam!!!Can't watch that. Liam and Annie looks too weird, or horrifying. Liam is a real man but Annie looks and acts like a 12years old kid(maybe that she is short and way too thin). I liked Annie with Ethan in S1, they look better together.Naomi is my fav charater in 90210. She has the most interesting storyline and we can see that the writer give her all the hard stuff in the whole play.  She is a B**** but she really cares for her friends. She is also strong to face everything and she will stand up for the worst. Some say that the actress is too over, come on, it is what drama's about and i bet you will be bore to death if Naomi behave like Annie do. I really like Liam with Naomi, but after he dated Annie, He is too lame and boring for Naomi to date. My point is Liam and Annie doesn't make any sense and look very bad together.If Liam need to be with the prettiest girl that would be Ade
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LANNIE , Naomi is dumb, unpretty and superficial for Liam, he belongs with Annie!

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