I don't have a problem with Annie she just doesn't fit to Liam.

I love how Naomi is not all nice and lovely. I mean look at how everything is so screwed up with her family.  She needs someone to believe in her and support her - that is supposed to be Liam.

I really liked Annie in S01 but somehow she turned out to be soooo lame. She used to be such a strong character but now she is just boring. Getting together with Liam would not be a + either because of she'd be dating again one of Naomis Ex's.

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who cares its just a stupid show! get a life

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liam and naomi r so much better than liam and annie..annie is so freakin borin atleast with naomi its some kind of excitement in that realtionship.

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Well i first loved Noamie and Liam but they are so boring right now

I kinda like the akwardness between Annie and Liam so maybe yeah

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Naomie and Liam !!

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Yeah... at first I was totally for Liam + Naomi, but now??


It's like they've lost all spark now that they're together! >:(

I was worried that something like this was going to happen too, but I figured they would have made it work like Chuck && Blair on Gossip Girl.

Their storylines just suck guys, hate to break it. I know the writers have really tried to get them to have this suddenly really great [better] chemistry, but I just don't feel it. Maybe its Annalynne && actually being in relationships on the show..? I remember she was pretty boring with Ethan too.. I don't know.

I'll admit that Liam && Annie have great chemistry, & they even have more things in common than Naomi and him..

    To put them together would be bad though. Putting them together would just be another repeat of the first season with Ethan.. && they better not even have a stupid twist where Naomi suddenly becomes ok with them together that way her friendship with Annie isn't ruined. That would be bullsh** and everyone knows it.


So please, writers, listen to all of us who want to salvage your show && DON'T put Liam & Annie together. Make things work with Naomi or cut them - no Lannie though.

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I like Annie with Liam but if that leads to Naomi and Annie fighting again, then no. It has been done in Season 1 with Ethan already. The only way I see Annie and Liam together with Naomi being ok is if she is the one to break up with Liam and find another guy.

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honestly annie and liam felt so forced to me i mean just last ep he told naomi he loves her now he doesnt now he wants annie wtf idk liam is a dick if he cheats on naomi again and naomi and annie just got there friendship back

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Liam/Naomi. Liam/Annie make me want to break things, and Annie needs to start trying to find a boyfriend that - here's a wild idea - ISN'T Naomi's.

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Doctor [to Erin]: Are you currently in a relationship?
Naomi: Actually she's in two.

This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. We all know it's why you lost Max.

Annie [to Naomi]
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