OMGGGG Spoilers

Teddy is probably the one who is gay (there are many signs) Javier will die in the car accident Liam has a half-brother called Charlie Naomi is taking pills to help her sleep Adrianna gets blackmailed The earthquake will end the Tennis for Teddy Annie falls in love with Charlie and has to choose between him and Liam A new character called Ian (who is gay) We will see Liam dancing in a costume Cannon might go after another student and it might be Silver since they are working on a project together We don’t see much of Navid Oscar is bedding Ivy and Laurel after moving in with them. He does Laurel for revenge since she screwed up his dad’s marriage and was Ivy’s first.

Do keep in mind that things can change but these are a good roadmap for what we can expect for next season!

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