I just started watching the show because I think Teddy is the hottest man in the world and I saw he was gay. So I'm watching and he shows up in the 2nd season and he's a womanizer. Okay, okay. I'm alright with that. Go through the whole second season wondering where this gay thing is gonna show...I start to ship Teddy/Silver (My 2 favorite characters) and then i get to 3rd season. within 2 or 3 episodes not only is he gay, but he accepts himself and all of this bullshit and what? We're supposed to believe all that womanizing from before was a cover up? I don't think so. Those were all genuine feelings that Teddy had because Trevor Donovan is a good actor and was not told that Teddy was gay until after the whole 2nd season was filmed. I just felt as though Teddy's coming out was unrealistic (not to mention the fact that his old roommate is also gay...of course he is.) Why was Teddy kicked out of his old school? He had a bunch of women in his room? He took the blame for his "gay" roommate having abunch of women in his room? Or he left because he had a crush on his roommate? Where di the women go? Why didn't the two of them just fuck? Why did Teddy move to BH? No one knows. I love Teddy, but he should have just stayed a womanizer. Opinion?


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you're seeing too much into this.

who cares

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Glad to see you didn't sleep in the god-awful Catwoman costume.

Jen [to Naomi]

Dixon: No lies. Just you, and me, and half sausage, half pepperoni.
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