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I think the show needs more adults, since Kelly Taylor and Harry Wilson gone, we need more adults to spice up the show. The adults on the show right now are so boring. All Ryan does is get drunk and fucks Ivy's mom.. like every episode!!

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I agree! I loved the Ryan and Kelly storyline but then she left.

And yeah the most dramz we got from adult is that kiss between Deb and her yoga teacher, which was pretty predictable tbh.




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So when Harry is gone, Debb maybe will find another man, i like Greg Vaughan (her yoga teacher) but he is propably younger than Debb...

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this show doesntt nessecerialy need adults it needs more drama !!!!!

they need to pick up the paase of the show and speed up the story lines!!!

season 1 was boom boom boom scandal lies sex betrayal everything every episode and it was suprising!!!

this season started off soo slow and in a way finished up the story lines in a boring way!!!

everyone is too nice on the show and the new story lines are just weak.

the finale was good hopefully season 3 picks up where it left off in the season 2 finale and hopefully the show gets better.

i have faith in it

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It's a girl!


Me jealous? It's not like she's better than me. I have to figure out that girl's flaws. For Max's sake.

Naomi [referring to Madison]
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