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Beth is coming back!


I am so happy that it seems that the writers are finally getting back on track. Season 3 started off with a bang last night, and I hope that this momentum will only continue to build.

Last year, Puck and Quinn went on with their lives, with little more than a sentence (in the opening sequence of the season premire) explaining how the delt with HAVING A CHILD together and then GIVING UP THAT CHILD for adoption. Im glad that the writers are finally acknowledging this for the scaring event it was, instead of continuing to brush it aside for another Paltrow vechicle.

Quinn is finally allowed to hurt, to show that she suffers from the loss of her daughter. I dont care if she dyes her hair neon green as long as we finally get the realistic handling that her story deserves. As for puck, that look between them in the hallway in the opening sequence of The Purple Piano Project says it all. Hes worried about her. Thats the mother of his child (his only child, seeing as he got a vesectamy) and she is obviously in over her head.

I cant be the only Quick fan jumping for joy.


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quick is the reason i started watching glee. it's going to be rad

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i think that accurately displays my thoughts

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I'm suprised, Quinn's nuts needs therapy.  A girl no job or a way to support a baby.  She's trippin if she thinks she'll get custody.  She's been full of pain since s1 this scenario is only going to backfire on her.  Then she'll just get worse.  I hoped for this kind of reunion but Quinn being crazy badass, don't believe in herself, don't bathe, I'm disgusting,  I deserve crap life is a little too bizarre to me.  Right now  not buying it.  As for Puck he is matured and grateful for Shelby to include him in Beth's life.  I loved softy Puck.  Drawing a kooky picture.  Really moving.

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Bringing back Shelby and Beth in order to tap into this story was a really good move on the writers' part. I think it's important for them to show how giving up a baby for adoption can really affect a person's life. I liked how the episode tackled this episode until Quinn reveals that she wants custody of Beth. The episode did such a good job with Shelby exposing what pain Quinn is feeling. You even admire the character for allowing Puck and Quinn into Beth's life. And really, the scene between Puck, Shelby, and Beth was one of the best of Puck in all three seasons of Glee. Even Shelby and Quinn's conversation was good because you got to see more of Quinn's pain. But when you bring up Quinn wanting full custody -- well then Glee is going back to its unrealistic and over the top storylines. It would've been a lot better if they just showed Quinn continuing to struggle with this and making the effort to be enough to be a part of Beth's life. Now we're going to be seeing a crazy 18-year old trying to get full custody of a child she's already given up for adoption. Storyline is good but it could've been so much better.

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Actually Caitlyn I think it could be a good storyline that Quinn wants full custody. It shows that she loves her child, but is still too naive and selfish. Maybe she will learn that she did the right thing by giving the child up for adoption and grow up. you cant expect her to just transform compeletly TWICE in TWO episodes.

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didn't she say "we're going to have full custody"?

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