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I love Sam, I've liked him from the first episode! Poor him, I would never cheat on him if I were Quinn. It was so sweet when he sung "baby" to her :(

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Alyssa F

I completely agree with you. Sam seems like such a nice guy, espicially when Quinn told him that stupid story of how she "saved" finn's life because he was choking on a gumball. He didn't even question her at, all he said was that he's done that before too. That just goes to show how much he truly cared about her and wanted to be with her. Honestly with the way things are going right now on the show, I think that Finn and Quinn deserve eachother. She definately does not deserve a guy as sweet as Sam.

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he's adorable okay <3

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I think he is the nicest guy on the Club.  He has shown his vulnerability which is charming I think.  And such an adorable dork Navi talk and his impressions.  I hope Santana doesn't abuse him too badly.  I think she will toughen him up some where he won't be so gullible to Qunn's wooing him which I think she will try to do when Fuinn ends soon.  She knows she hurt him and her conscience will eat at her to stop Fuinn. 

Who knows who Sam will end up with.  IMO he deserves so much better than Quinn. 

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i dont get why people dont like him? hes a little cheesy at times but if i boy as cute and good looking as him did anything as sweet as that to you i think i would be the happiest person alive. 

loveeee sam 

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He can be a little cheesy but i still LOVE him! :D <3

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