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I don't understand all the Charice hate! She's a fantastic singer, and it's refreshing to have somebody besides Rachel (whose voice I find nasal and sometimes annoying) who can sing such a range.


And Charice is really not that well known. I had no idea who she was, and nobody I know seems to have known either. Chill, people.

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Every artist has a critic, which proves only they made it to the mainstream, otherwise no one will bother to every little details these artists are doing. People who denies Charice talent is just being hypocritical, but I must accept not everyone like that kind of talent. Some like Charice others prefer Lea Michele or Amber Riley depending what they are looking for an artist. Charice is more pressured to everything she does, because she´s an Asian. Very few from Asia manage to make it in states so all eyes on her considering most of her critics  are from her own country. I just found out that filipino fans in general prefer artists with beauty than with talent. I wonder what Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin will say to that or Eartha Kitt and Sammy Davis jr. if they still alive. Pure disappointment what else? These artists are belong to the best artists ever lived.

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I'm Filipino and sorry if I may offend anyone but I seriously never liked her in the first place. None of my friends do, her fans are mostly non-Filipinos. She needs to stick to her music alone. BTW, she doesn't stand a chance against Rachel Berry. 

Yap! me too! I'm Filipina and I never did like her. I doubt if I ever will. U see, she didn't became famous here because almost 70% Filipinos don't like her! Besides, all she ever does is scream and scream. I hate the person who posted her vid on Youtube.=I

To those who posted the statements above: Well, if you don't like her why bother to comment here? Why can't you be happy for her? Do you have the data proving that 70% Filipinos don't like her? Bakit ba kelangan nating hilain pababa ang ating kababayan? Oo na merong tinatawag na malayang pamamahayag pero nakakahiyang dito nyo pa sinusulat ang mga yan sa salitang banyaga pa tapos sinabi nyo pa na kababayan nyo si Charice. Yan ang tinatawag na isip talangka. Kaya palibhasa, karamihan ng mga magagaling at may potensyal ay umaalis ng bansa. Get a life people! Kinakahiya kong tawagin kayong Filipino.

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Oh Please, all i see here are CRABS stinky crabs!!! (Crab mentality that is) and people who are are just jealous of other people's success... Ryan Murphy is the creator of glee, and the guy obviously knows best , he chose Charice as the rival for Rachel (whose voice sounds like a fingernail scratching a blackboard) and boy he chose well.. Charice delivered the part of the rival.. who else could do the part but none other than Charice!!! Charice will never bring down Glee. Go Charice, The Filipino Nation is with you...all the way

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