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I LOVVEEE that for once they didnt make rachel look like a selfish bitch. I love that they are actually getting some people to like her. I have been wanting that since the show began. I hate how they all just hate her. I want them to love her even though she's crazy at times. I just really love the whole Kurt/Rachel thing at the end. I also LOVED the finn/rachel dynamic this episode. They are at their best when scheming together.. So hilarious.I kind of want to see Quinn and Rachel develop some kind of friendship. I think double dates with Sam and Finn would be amazing.

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One question, why was Finn and Rachel's song rude?

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Ehhh i kinda liked the finnchel scheming, but i'll always take jesse over finn. i just think they're usually kinda boring together. but that's just me.... lol it took me FOREVER to figure out why that was so offensive. the song is about like a relationship, and sex and love and everything, and rachel was dressed up as a young girl/nun (still not 100% sure which) and finn was dressed up as a priest, indicating that the young girl/nun was having a relationship with the priest. which is apparently super offensive.
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I can see how you think they're boring. I just like how it showed a whole new side to Rachel...like a fun loving goofy side instead of just the selfish crazy side

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