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@love_fuinnandfinn  Finn never prefers Rachel as a close friend. And Finn never said that he didn't felt Fireworks when he kissed Rachel. Have you watched the Funeral episode? Finn broke up with Quinn because he never felt "tethered" to her and he didn't feel the feeling that he had for Rachel while he was dating Quinn. He never loved Quinn. He loves her, but he's not in love with her. 

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I actually find this whole triangle really stupid right now finn is with rachel he is in love with quinn he gets back together with quinn he still loves rachel and repeat. 

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Goodness.  I hate Finn and Rachel together.  So boring.  





The kiss was so not worth the loss.  Most boring finale ever!

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I really think the kiss wasn't why they lost. That would have been just stupid. Then again, we all knew New Directions wasn't going to win because that will have to wait until their senior year (season 3). Although I love Finchel, Finn needs to seriously get his act together and stop acting like such a jerk to Rachel.

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Finn is terrible to both girls, gtfo Finn.

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Finchel wins <3

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 Yeah, until they break up again, he gets back togther with Quinn, they break up, he goes back to Rachel, I hibernate, they break up, I wake up, Finn gets back together with Quinn, they break up, Rachel takes him back, they sing about it, then they break up, then he tries to kiss Quinn's ass, they get back together, then he cries because he loves Rachel, and they break up. Do you see a pattern here?


Yeah, me neither.

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Finn just wants Rachel. Period. He never wants Quinn when he's with Rachel. He only came after Quinn AFTER the Finchel break-up. And since when was Finn in love Quinn, anyway? Finn loved the baby that Quinn was carrying back in Season 1, that's why he was forced to stay with her. When he's with Rachel, he can be who he is. Unlike when he's with Quinn, he's being someone that everone expects him to be. He loves Quinn, but only as a sister-brother type. He cares for Quinn but not in a romantic way. He loves Quinn, but he's not in love with her. He's That's why he chose Rachel TWICE over Quinn. AND HERE'S A QUOTATION THAT CAN PROVE THAT FINN MUST BE WITH RACHEL:


If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.

-Johnny Depp



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Finn and Quinn have to be together they are PERFECT for each-other and I hate finn with rachel

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