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So I'm definitely a Finchel shipper however I wouldn't mind Finn and Quinn together if she treat him better. She was so awful to him in season one, making him get a job etc knowing all the while that it was Pucks. However all the little looks and wistful staring in the second half of the season seemed to imply she still had feelings for him. Not to mention her digging for rachel in the last episode. She hates rachel, the only reason she did it was the hope that he did still want her. The hope and surprise when he said he did still have feelings for her and always will, spoke volumes and how pissed off she was when revealing this to Rachel. I think it would be nice to see Finn and Quinn reconnect in some way, she owes him an apology and if nothing else I'd like them to be good friends. Cory and dianna have great chemistry x

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