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Glee won't be the same w/out all the characters we've grown to love! I mean if we've spent 3 seasons with the characters and just have them go.... and have a new batch instead.... It WOULDN'T B THE SAME!!!

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Agreed!!!!  I've tried to keep an open mind about season 4 but you're so right about this magical cast.  It will not have the magic charm spell or whatever it has had these last two seasons. It isn't just Mr Shue Miss Pillsbury and Sue that anchor the show to what it is.  The magic is in the chemistry of all the cast and the characters they portray.  They have all been so involved dedicated to the show and all its ventures.  Concerts post season. 3D movie.   Interviews and award shows.  All promotions.  It seems they support each other as well.

I've seen a couple of the Glee project contestants hopefuls for next season.  Some are pretty good.  But my interest is not there like it should be.

IMO Glee should extend the show to 5 seasons to include all cast members.  I know that season 3 has yet to begin so I guess we should see how season 3 plays out before we all panic.  Me included.

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So the only people who aren't graduating for sure are Tina and maybe Brit :( they mentioned speaking to Naya about the spin off not Heather so I'm scared Santana will graduate and Britt won't therefore no more Brittana :(
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god knows what they're doing with this now so

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Urgh. I'm not really looking forward to Season 4.

I think I'll just rewatch Season 1-3 over and over and over and over again just so i can see the awesome cast, such as Rachel, Finn, Brittany, Santana, Mike, Mercedes.


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^And puck

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