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I was praying for Glee to do "Just the way you are".... I'm thinking Sam will be singing it, it just seems like a song that would fit his voice (but I hope it's Puck to Quinn ;)

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aghh. i just can't decide about that song.... either a quick or quam version would put a gigantic smile on my face. :D

though honestly, if you think about the lyrics, i'm not sure it makes sense for them to be singing it to quinn at all. she's gorgeous, and she knows it. she really doesn't need the ego boost it would give her. (unless she starts feeling weird about the pregnancy.)

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Really? I always thought that she was still kind of insecure after the pregnancy and all that...and I second the Quick or Quam putting a gigantic smile on my face :)

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hmm maybe.. i just took her wanting to be hbic again as a sign that she was all confident and bitchy again. maybe not. it's always an option :)

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I have to say that I also think Quinn is still insecure about herself. And I believe Sam could help her with that... So Im hoping for Quam... :))

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