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In Season 1 Puck was a jerk. More than a jerk, a bully. He was the ring leader of the football bullies and poured cruel, cruel ice drinks on helpless outcasts. He locked Artie in a porta pottie and then purposely rolled it over. He was awful to his best friend Finnn, sleeping with his girl friend and insulting his choice to join Glee club. He also slept with anything that would lie still long enough. He tossed people with low self esteem into the dumpster, signafying he felt like they were trash to be thrown out. Noah Puckerman was a f**king asshole.

But I've noticed over the course of the last two seasons Puck has slowly been pulled from the Dark Side and now is the only guy with any integrity. This spot was left vacant by Finn, who used to be the some what confused moral compass of the group. Now with Finn after Quinn, doing what Puck did to him but without the following remorse that Puck showed, Puck has taken over that role.  You all might think I'm insane for saying this and I might have said the same thing last week but hear me out.


Lets start with Bully Puck. Puck joined New Directions for reasons that were less then honest. He dennied being friends with anyone in the Glee club and was just as mean to them as he was before. He even spray painted Finn at one point. All bad, his behavior is not being excused here. But after he joined Glee and got to know Artie he stopped the football players from rolling him over in the toliet for a second time. After his "rep" went down he started dating Mercedes, again for all the wrong reasons. But again, what she said to him really came through. She broke up with him for throwing kids in the dumpster and since then, Puck hasn't tossed a single kid. At least there was no mention of it. I can't remember if he ever apologized to Jacob (kid with pouffy hair) or if that was a different convo but I think he did. Im not peticular on that point though. Now about the slushies, something he started and became his trade mark, after being hit by one and realized how much it hurt both physically and emotionally, he stopped. He apologized to Rachel and brought her a slushie. Not to throw at her but to drink. Also, he's gone out of his way to defend the Glee kids. He lead the charge against Jesse when he had his entire team throw eggs at Rachel. It was his idea to flatten the tires, stupid but his heart was finally in the right place. He defended Kurt and not out of obligation because he was his step brother but because he saw scared he was. He stood up to the team that he used to lead and told them to stop. He befriend Artie, even though it was for comunity service, he was attemtping to do the right thing. He went back to his old ways with Satanna and Brittany around but he later apologized. Considering his rather altered personality against the bullying he used to perpectuate, it's a pretty minor relaspe. He was also the only one to defend Rachel when everyone else told her that she wasn't liked. He's not even in love with her so that wasn't a motive for him. Also about Rachel, he was very sweet to her when she was playing on the football team, knowing that she was overwhelmed. He also sang with her, not expecting anything in return. Unlike the last time he did a duet. Puck went from the worst bully in school into the guy trying to convince the football team to give Glee a chance.

Now I'm going to address Slut Puck. His way with females made me cringe. He knocked up Quinn then insulted her and then cheated on her. All while behind his best friend's back. He only dated Rachel because of some Jewish wet dream. He only dated Mercedes beccause everyone liked her and he was in the dumps both literally and metiphorically. BUT, but he owned up to having a baby and come on, who wasn't thinking that Finn was an idoit for beleiving Quinn? He was with Quinn when she had Beth and he wanted to raise her, but left the choice to Quinn. He gave her money when she needed it, although it was stolen but willing admitted that was a dumb move on his part. He also didn't out Quinn to Finn even though any other guy would have. I mean come on! She was acting all loving to him when Finn wasn't around while meanwhile lying to her boyfriend. That's enough to piss anyone off!!! Also, Puck apologized to Finn and owned up to his mistakes. He refused to do the same thing to Finn again with Rachel and pulled away mid make-out which is hard for anybody never mind a teenage boy.  In contrast Finn is going after another buddy's girlfriend just after being all high and mighty with Rachel for doing the exact same thing, except like Puck, she owned up. Finn has not. Will not, he doesn't even see himself as wrong. Now Puck has cut Satanna lose and is looking to form an actual relationship with a girl that doesn't buy into the "bad boy" crap. He's really terrible at being a romantic but is looking to be better. All his old tricks aren't working and he's relazing that he wasn't as hard core as he thought he was.


If you consider the changes Puck has gone thorugh as well as his current actions towards the people around him, you might be able to see why I've decided to start thinking of him as honest. He's a good guy at heart and I think he's a lot more talented then Finn. Finn is slipping as the hero. His pep talk to Rachel about being a star was condesending and was basically something he did to ease himself of the guilt he felt for going after Quinn. Not once did he stand up for her when anyone was around. Quinn and Finn deserve each other in my opinion. I used to like them both but in reality they're fame seeking bullies. Puck has become one of my favourite male leads, it surprises me because I used to hate him. Now, I'm kind of cheering on Puckleberry...Wow, never thought I'd say that.


Anyone else out there seeing what I am? Or is Puck to you the same jerk he always was? Comments? Thoughts?

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I totally agree with you, although I still like Quinn and Puck has been my favourite alongside her since the very beginning.

Finn is being a bit of an ass at the moment and the way he's being with Quinn has made her own boyfriend break up with her, which you could tell she was really upset about. Puck has always admitted to his mistakes, and in the beginning he didn't realise what he was doing was hurting people, but over the last season he has really changed he doesn't throw Slushies anymore, or throw kids in dumpsters. Whereas Finn was trying to steal his 'friends' girlfriend right under his nose and he dumped Rachel for kissing Puck! He won't admit that what he's doing is wrong and he is an ass.

I don't have a problem with Puckleberry, but I see them as a short-term couple, not long-term like Finchel or Quick!


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lELAROSE thank you.  I just loved everything what you just said.  I have the exact same feelings about Puck.  I've been hoping that since he's had a change of heart or soul searching whatever anyone wants to call it that he takes over the lead in glee.  Like singing lead vocals and being Co-captain since Finn is so lame to take a stand on anything.  I guess he still has inferiority issues about himself when it comes to glee.  Just the exact oposite of how he had a take charge attitude on the football team.  Finn is such a coward to the extent that it affects he ability to make decisions or come to buffer dialogue between glee members.  He has never been there for Rachel defended her or took the heat for her or anyone else in the club.  He only stood up and sung to Kurt and swore to back him up only when Sam called him out that there should be a change in leadership.  He is unable to admit any of his mistakes but  blames others.  I'm so disappointed by these actions but most of all that he doesn't intend to embrace them and own up to his mistakes.  It is just like he feels he is above any reprecussions.  Puck has my vote.  Sam has good intensions too.  It sounds kind of like a good plot where Puck and sam vie for the top spot and one of which will get it.  Finn will fold like a stack of cards.  For the record I believe Finn's and Quinn's fall from grace will be their only true saving grace.  A giat wake up call that populaity social climbing is not what it is cracked up to be.  The best thing in life is to be yourselves and be true to what you are not what you think people  would think of you or use you to be.  Popularity is just a passing phase or fleeting moment that will not make you happy.  Puck found that out the hard way.  He has gone thru hard knocks and has been humbled especially since he has met his match in Lauren.  Thanx for the post very interesting.

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His changing to a really stand up guy is going to catch Quinn's eye this season I think.  Luck won't last.  Her conscience will get to her about being a cheater and that Finn is not the guy for her.  Puck has learned from this think with Lauren to treat girls right and will soon be appreciating what he sees in Quinn too.  I think IMO that they will be back on and great together.  Cuz I feel he has the most potential to be leader of Glee and she will be by his side much to Rachel's and Finn's dismay.  I kinda like this plot. 

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have to agree that Puck is one of the few characters who is gradually taking a turn for the better. You better understand why he's the way he is. You know that the cocky persona is mostly just an act and he allows himself to be more vulnerable which in turn makes him increasingly more likeable. he's more willing to stand up for things he believes are right and doesn't worry about the consequences they may cause to him. Also he's more perceptive.  As a result, I don't think he's ever going to be a good match for Quinn.

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Plus the way he sings... I dunno his voice is pure. And eventhough he looks bad sometimes, his smile prove otherwise. And while everyone turns childish this season, yes, he turns mature him self.

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To Blu how can you say puck is not a good match for quinn.  If it was for him getting Quinn pregnant we would have never known that puck had a soft side.  He only showed his soft side because he wanted to prove to Quinn that he isn't just a Lima loser.  As for Lauren she hasn't did anything for Puck but reject him.  She hasn't changed him at all.  Quinn is the one who makes Puck wanna be a better person and that's who he should be with in the end.

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I'm so glad i'm not the only who's noticed the incredible change. I fell in love with Puck since the beginning (i have a thing for bad boys) but he matured and grew and actually became a solid decent amazing guy with values and morality and sensibility and a great sense of loyalty. Finn, on the other hand, became a hippocrite asshole who hurts EVERYONE, who only cares about himself his image and reputation. I don't know if Puck will be with Rachel again (i ship them, but realize how they'll never actually be together, thank you very much ryan murphy), i don't think he'll be with Quinn (seriously, that girl is NOT a good person, she keeps hurting people without understanding the lesson) the point is, he's incredible to watch. he reminds me why i love glee so much, because it gives me hope about good things being possible (cheesy i know, but it's true)

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Yay, Im glad people have noticed that Puck is a great guy after all. But Im not shipping Quinn and Puck as a couple...At least not anymore. I used to want them together back when Quinn was pregnant but I've changed my mind.  Quinn's behaviour in these last couple of episodes has changed my mind. She's a really bad cheater (as if there's every a good one but you get what I mean) and she should know better by now. BUT that's not my problem with her. Quinn and Puck started on the same path, both super popular and both bullies. Puck changed for the better after his fall from grace but Quinn put on a uniform again and did the same thing she always has. She's mean to Rachel even though Rachel was the only one that would give her the time of day when she was pregnant. Also while on the Cheerios she was sucking up to Sue, the woman that kicked her while she was down. Not cool.


Rachel and Puck are cute together, he's the only one that's ever given her any positive feedback on a consistant level. Hmmm...Maybe I don't want them as a couple. He's a good friend to her and in high school you're lost without someone that cares.

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