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Why doesn't she have a boyfriend or even anyone interested in her on this show? Everyone else has a boyfriend, girlfriend, love interest but not her?

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Mercedes is amazing. I think she should be lead girl.

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She was dating Puck in season 1

Didn't Kurt set her up with some football player in 'The Substitute'? 


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True. Hopefully in the future, but I do like her being single. She doesn't need a man to make her happy.

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Her diva talk was just <333

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I just love her character noble kind integrity true friend  She means all that is good in a level headed teenager.  Just wish she had more storylines and had more songs.  She has amazing vocals and is much better actress than some of the others.  Her talents are being wasted IMO.

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Mercedes has made it clear that she doesn't need a man by her side to make her better than what she is . I like her single . Besides , she's so much her own woman that any guy on Glee wouldn't know what to do with her . She'll be the domante (spell check) girlfriend .

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Mercedes is independent and just an awesome diva. She doesn't need a man but it would still be nice for her have one. I mean everyone else is getting love and divas need love too.
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