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Love Naya/Santana Laughing during this scene

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now if they used this at national's they woulda won.


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haha yes if they did a mashup of My headband, My Cup, Only Child, Trouty Mouth and Hell to The No they would have won for sure!

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gurlplz (=liarsunited)
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My cup was epic~

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unpopular opinion:

that song wasn't that funny and was way too similar to 'my headband'

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yeah it was similar to my Headband because My Headband is Brittanys favourite song :)

and imo its also very catchy :)

but hey opinions

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i was pretty much like naya there. laughing so damn hard but trying to to. it was cute i loved that song so much

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^^ Yup yup :)

very cute


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I still like My Headband better....


Still, they need to create more original songs like this. xD

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hahaa I love My headband as well and yes I hope they do more original songs as well :D

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