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There was a mistake in the last thread, this one will be better, please let the other one die.

I'm not sure if there is one of these but if not there needs to be!

I don't know who has seen Naya hosting the GLAAD awards last night but anyone who is a Naya fan definitely should! She was amazing, and hilarious! My admiration for her has grown a thousand times stronger just saying! Also she looked beautiful


"I have an acceptance speech prepared which I will pull out of my tit's if you don't mind."


I love you Ms.Rivera!

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still want to be like her!

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Haha emily I saw it :D I have so much respect for her. I want to see her on Ellen or Jimmy Fallon or smth like that :D

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Yeah I knew YOU seen it Fizzy :) You a regular tumblr useer, all of them have seen it! Tumblr goes into a Naya Rivera sex riot so often its hard for you of not to seen it!

anyways I agree, I want to see Naya on every possible talk show that exists! Being on Ellen would be super awesome though!

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God she's so flawless, beautiful and funny.

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this is my fave pic of her:

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Anyone here watch Naya Dance the MJ experience with Reggie Bush live last night??? Shes so awesome haha.She sooo should have won! Reggie got extra points with the crown both times. Shes so darn adorable though ahah.

all i heard at the end was her giggling.

and @Santana and Brittany (brittana) I cant see the picture :( but im sure its gorgeous because well its Naya

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Also Naya wore Brittanys shirt from "Sexy"


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^ that's awesome

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It really is :)


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