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Me gusta those pictures Jade :)

Thanks for bumping the thread :D

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Season 1 I just couldn't stand her she was so mean.  But her 1 linersand her relationship with Britany was so good.  Just didn't see the interest in her then.

Season 2 OMG she is such a great actress and can sing beautifully.  She has become 1 of my favorite characters of the show.  Mid season til Born this Way episode she just grew on me til she knocked it out of the ballpark.  Glad to see her shine.

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Same :) In season one I just thought she was mean and funny I didn't pay much attention to her because she didn't have as many scenes as she does now and I kind of only watched Glee sometimes and it wasn't a show I was that invested in, just something else to watch. But then in Season 2 when I started liking the show even more and she got her own storylines and stuff I realized how great of an actress she is , she made me cry with her singing and laugh with it as well and she also did the same thing with her acting. Her voice is beautiful and she is beyond talented. I began to admire her so much, especially after her amazing performance in "Sexy". Santana is now my favorite character on the show and I really hope season 3 gives her even more solos and storylines :) As for Naya, I am so so excited about her solo album! I can see her as being a person who will have tonnes of success even when Glee is over. I really hope she gets that role in Catching Fire that she wanted. She would suit it perfectly and it would make me like the movie even more :)

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"Me gusta those pictures Jade :)

Thanks for bumping the thread :D"


Gotta keep the Naya love around (:

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hahaha :D

of course of course :D

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Beiste: Dr. Jones said the new end of world date is September 27, 2014
Brittany: That gives us like two whole years of giving love and brutal honesty to everyone we know.

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