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It is CONFIRMED!!!  Anne hathaway is playing kurt's lesbian aunt on GLEE!!! WOOO! when i read this on rollingstone.com i started laughing before i could finish the article. this going to be hilarious! i can't wait. and her singing voice is lovely.  How about y'all?

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NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!    No more guest stars.  Just won't watch it.  Don't care anymore.  s2 was pretty lame with the guests(Gwynneth).  Critics and fandom said so.  Fans left in droves.  Sorry I love glee but the cast only.  There is already way too many characters on the show why have 1 more to make it a more of a Kurt show.

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Anne hathaway is different.  She has natural born spunk.  I thought gwynneth was awesome in the subsitute but they guest starred too much. but anne hathatway is amazing and her voice is better than hers.

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Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actresses....:D

She playing lesbian? Will be hilarious!!!

But how will she fit into the whole "Glee" club. WOOT! Can't wait!

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