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post on this forum if you are as in love with the couple as i am :D

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I love them so so so much, they're clearly my fav' couple on the show !

But I couldn't watch the last the last episode (I don't know if something happened between them) and with the last spoilers and the last video it's not looking good for Quinn and Puck :(

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Claire, you didn't miss any Quick last episode. There was only one scene, where Puck was singing "Only the good die young", and he walked up to Quinn and sang to her for like 2 seconds. It was barely anything :(


 But yes, Quick are amazing <3

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WHERE THE HECK WAS PUCK TONIGHT??? I mean there was no quick at all. And I really wanted puck to walk in to class after sam and quinn sang their song and punch sam.

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he was in juvie :) for driving his mom's car into a convienence store or something.

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 Oh my God, it sucked. A whole episode without Puck....torture. Atleast Sam said Puck would probably beat his ass, since he probably still has feelings for Quinn. Ryan or one of the other writers know Quick NEED to exist. But I lol'd at the "He stole the ATM machine," line :D

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Princess Bass

Last night's episode was horrible! HATED IIT ! .. okay I didn't hate it. But it was horrible... No Puck ? Geez, what are they thinking?! 

Sam and Quinn is a big NO NO! I think it's really unfair that Sam and Quinn had so much screentime, it's almost more screentime than Puch and Quinn have had together trough both Glee seasons! -.- "

I need Puck and Quinn together .. NOW!

I was seriously waiting for Puck to walk into Sam trying to kiss Quinn and punch the life out off Sam!  

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Does anybody know why Puck wasn't there? I mean as in Mark Salling, if there was some reason for him not being in the episode. I understand not having Emma or Sue in every episode, but he's part of the main cast and the club, I thought it was kind of strange. It couldn't have been just to have an odd number of students... But it did kind of play a big part with Santana and Brittany. I don't know, I guess I just always need explanations :D

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From what I heard, Puck will be back in a big way in episode 6.


I am sensing a Sam/quinn/puck triangle later on. Don't mess with Puck's MILF haha

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