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Guys,I'm a very huge Glee Fun)I love everything in this show)Actors are so real and true and it's been discussed there such a serious things!

But I'm a huge fun not only of the cast and stories of GLEE, I'm a huge fan of Finnchel)There're awesome and real,they have such a great chemistry and it's a very big deal to feel bouded with each other in such a young age!I'm totally for them!

They have to stay together but I've heared that Lea told that they both will still pay for that unexpected kiss and in the first episode it seems that they're together but with Finn and Rachel you never know how it ends..

Now I'm worried about this..I was so happy to hear from the producers that Finnchel will stay, they won't break up (of course they'll have some problems with Rachel deciding to move to NY) but anyway in the end we'll know will they stay together or not. Until that time they will be dating (that's what producers told). ANd now Lea told that thing and I don't know what to expect(

But I must say that if Rachel is really a strong woman who gets everything what she wants and if we remember Patty Lupon's words "Well promise me Rachel Berry, you'll never give up"...than Rachel has to stay with Finn cause she shouldn't give up...she has to fight for her love who's Finn...

what do you think about Lea's words and what do you think...will Finnchel stay with each other?

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Agree totally with you Maria.  I feel Rachel knows her own heart and will seek out her dreams on Broadway.  Finn is the one who has the self doubts this season.  This will be his storyline.  His self discovery I hope to realize his potential on his own merits and his dream is to be with Rachel wherever that is.  His ability to decide what kind of future he wants in life and what kind of vocation to live by.  Rachel is making headway into being a new person more adult and more responsible even though knowing what she wants to do with her life.

Finn's showed his lack of no self confidence when he told Rachel he didn't know how to dream big.  Rachel was so disappointed in her look.  I feel  Finn's inability do dream big for himself and to act out on his dreams are Finchel's bane for this season.  Not Rachel's crazy or her obnoxiousness.  With Finn Kurt Puck Mercedes Blaine and the rest of Glee backing her she realizes her own worth with no self doubts.  Just learning friendships.  This is where they compliment each other's personalities.  He changes her for the better.  This season She helps him change for the better.

I feel they are still volatile now especially Rachel with her verbage. Finn with his fast to the fore jealousy and his inadequacies.   I think by graduation all feelings will be dealt with they will be ready move on with their lives together.   Yes I'm so happy they are a couple and so very glad they are together and hope they stay that way.  I think the Glee club except for Quinn feels the same way.  Judging by the looks of Puck Santana Sam Quinn in the closing scene of New York.  Finchel will still have to face them periodically through the season about their ill timed reunion Kiss at Nationals.  Which I feel they lost was because of poor planning and preparedness and not just Finchel.

Hope for a great season 3 with great story telling.  Senior year for many hope it is fullfilling for all.  Love Santana too.  Hope for Pezberry friendship also.  Could be awesome.

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I think Finchel will b together in the end because the glee creators just love the couple way too much... the whole 2 seasons focused on Finchel a LOT....

And ryan murphy did say that S3 will have the intended endgames from S1..... (e.g. Finchel as one)


^But I dont know how that will work out.... I think Finn might realise he has a hcance in NY or something? Or that he can make something out of his life too?

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I hope you're right guys!cause I can't imagine Finn and Rachel separated from each other!they simply meant to be) Delena4eva Wgen Ryan said this?you know,I was so glad as I've read that there are no breaking up in the 3 season, everybody will stay together.That's what producer told.And than I've found an information that before season 2 has started they told that Finnchel stays together in the season 2.But as we all know that's not true(they've broken up in 9 episode.so I don't know should we believe them or not... I think sgleek, you're right. The 1 season was about Finn and Rachel trying to understand what they want from each other and what feelings do they have exactly. The 2 season was about them also trying to fix with their relations but Finn made a really great work with Rachel:he helped her to realize what's friendship is,he believed in her so she could also believe in herself,he inspired her in many ways and as she's told him in the "Duets" he is so kind and opened,that's what makes her wanting be better. So maybe The 3 season could be about Rachel bringing out the very best from Finn?he has written a beautiful song,he's also a talented gay although I do not see him as a singer.Maybe Rachel wishing to move to NY will make Finn becoming big dreams too?she will inspired him as he did to her before)that would be wonderful and logic) What do you think guys? And I also don't wish any stories between quinn and Finn again!that would be weired.maybe he could help her as a friend but nothing more.he's shown that he over her! And I also think that Finn and Rachel breaking up before the end of the season (I hope in the end they won't also) will be also weired!there were 2 seasons of them doing like this.I think that's enough.they grew up!
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Sorry I've mistaken!I've written "gay",but I've meant "guy")
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I think it was from an article on wetpaint

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God I hope not. Finn may be an okay friend to Rachel but as a boyfriend he's utterly useless and insensitive. If anything this season the Finn & Rachel relationship should be used as an example of how two people who share no common interests grow apart no matter how much they wanted the "ideal high school romance". Not every relationship worksout and falling out of love doesnt have to be dramatic, Finchel could be a great example of this.

Also if Rachel ever cries/mopes about Finn again (like the whole shitty character ruining Finchel/Fuinn nonsense of season 2) I will rage so hard. Season 2 Rachel was a terrible mess because of Finn, the only glimpse of the Rachel I loved was seen in the season 2 finale while interacting with Kurt. In the season 3 premire it was great to see that ambitions headstrong Rachel back and if Finn ruins her again...


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Rachel strong, confident, head strong, overt in every way s1 was written so badly s2.  Meek, pining for Finn constantly it became well over done to the point of gagging all who watched the show.  No one liked her or Finn including me and I'm smitten with them.  But IMHO all characters s2 were written into a corner and who became caractures of s1's basic foundations.  Quinn was lost into the background.  Will and Emma were wall paper.  Just a select few had any attention paid to them.  Now s3 has taken off and was a very good start.  Sound storylines for many characters were laid out.  The music was not top 40 which I am thoroughly thankful for.  s2 was way too much top 40 for me.  The tribute episodes failed badly IMO.  I'm not a Britany Spears fan so s2 ep2 pretty much was tolerable at best.  There were some very good moments in some of the episodes s2.

s3 opener was really good not great but good.  It was sooooo much better than Audition s2.  s2 was chaotic and too much turmoil inside the club to the point they were at each others throats.  Not enjoyable to me.  However; s3 opener was fun and really funny and showed where the characters respectively will be heading.  Some will be awesome storylines. 

Now I'm getting back again my excitement to watch this show and see where it leads us.

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