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I think we should have a thread for official S3 news

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How will Glee make Darren Criss (Blaine) a part of McKinley High School for Season 3? Apparently the season premiere, which may have a title, addresses that very thing.Per a Glee fan Tumblr blog, the premiere is called “The Purple Piano Project” and will feature Blaine transitioning over to McKinley. Surprisingly, that transition will involve the Cheerios.Blaine and the cheer squad will reportedly sing Tom Jones’s “It’s Not Unusual.” Meanwhile, Rachel and Kurt will be watching, along with a smoking Quinn, who sets the piano on fire with her lit cigarette.This could be a fantasy sequence, or perhaps a fiery introduction for Blaine to McKinley. Stay tuned.


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This is a good idea :) So is this for all the spoilers we know so far ?

Santana and someone else will be Cheer leading captain: (even though Sue promised Becky she would be captain :( )

What’s next for Santana (Naya Rivera)?  Santana is made captain of the Cheerios, but she’s a little bent out of shape when Sue informs her that she’s got a co-captain — and that person’s not too keen on sharing either.

Beth will be coming back :D!

Will Glee be revisiting the Puck/Quinn storyline as Shelby is returning?Based on this bit of casting info, I’d say definitely! Glee is looking for twin blonde baby girls to be “very, very featured extras.” Who thinks baby Beth will finally be seen again? Um, we do! And if the love child of Puck (Mark Salling) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) is coming around, it’s pretty safe to say that that the couple formerly known as Quick might be having a “remember when we had a kid?” conversation.

There will be 3 new characters. TGP Winner, Sugar, and Mercedes' new boyfriend.

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There is a Finnchel kiss in the first episode, but apparently Lea wasn't too happy with Cory for eating a peanut butter sandwich beforehand :)

Kurt will spend the majority of the first episode trying to convince Blaine to transfer to WMHS.

Rachel will sing We Got the Beat by the Go-Gos .

Quinn's hair is pink and she's a ~rebel~ now, or something.

I also heard about another new character named Sheila, who's a badass with tats and shiz.

Tina is adopted. And she's a junior and going to have to deal with the whole junior/senior drama with Mike.

There is a food fight scene, with lots of pudding and jello.

Also, from Heather Morris: "Brittany wants Artie back," she told TV Line. "Everybody really wants them together... except Santana. But Brittany is real, so she'll do what she wants to do."Morris added that the 'Brittana' storyline is "probably" over, adding: "The writers may play with it a little bit more, but maybe not."

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Also, from Heather Morris: "Brittany wants Artie back," she told TV Line. "Everybody really wants them together... except Santana. But Brittany is real, so she'll do what she wants to do."Morris added that the 'Brittana' storyline is "probably" over, adding: "The writers may play with it a little bit more, but maybe not."

Brittana is prob over??? Whaaaaa??? I thought it was the opposite....

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heather was just trolling with that comment, one of the producers said they loved her black humour but it wasnt true

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thank god! I thought she was serious there....

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The third season of Glee is filming right now, and the scoops are just piling up. For instance, Lea Michele dished that “[Rachel's] going to be in the school musical,” Perez Hilton reports. ”I have some awesome story lines with Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, and I’ll be singing a lot of Broadway, as always.” Sounds great to us!

As for some non-musical spoilers, Naya Rivera reveals that Santana has gone through some changes in the off-season.

“We just got the first script and she might have made some adjustments to her life. The way the seasons go, people start off one way and they have a transition. She’ll probably end up coming to terms with everything by the end – hopefully.”

Cryptic. Does that “everything” include resolving her relationship with a certain blonde? September 20 can’t come soon enough!


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It looks like Blaine (Darren Criss) won’t be attending McKinley High School right when Glee returns for season three, but that could change shortly thereafter.“Kurt [Chris Colfer] spends a decent portion of the season premiere urging his teenage dream to transfer to McKinley,” writes TVLine’s Michael Ausiello. “Given Darren Criss’ new series regular status, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Blaine gives into the pressure.”As for other New Directions staples, it seems that Santana (Naya Rivera) is the co-captain of the Cheerios. Though, she isn’t thrilled with whom Sue (Jane Lynch) selects as the other co-captain. Meanwhile, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) will not be graduating at the end of the year as she’s only a junior, but boyfriend Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) will, which will definitely shake things up for the usually stable couple. “I’m definitely excited to see a little bit of conflict,” Jenna admits. “I’m excited to see how they deal with that.”


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thank god! I thought she was serious there..

lol same! I almost went into a state of depression there lol thankfully by the time I saw Heathers comment, Brad had already tweeted the "One thing I love about Hemo is her dark sense of humor" tweet!

So yeah thanks for this thread and all the spoilers :D I am really looking forward to the Tina storyline! Her being adopted is something I never would have imagined! Very unexpected and it will be cool to see that since I love Tina :) 

Also Rachel being in the school musical..hmm last time she tried that it didnt end up so well haha so Im interested to see that as well.

and the whole Quinn thing im not sure how I feel about that. I love the look on Dianna but I dont know about Quinn...im wondering if this is a permanent thing or just for a few episodes...

and of course I am looking forward to the Santana storyline...Im so interested to see what changes shes made to her life"

sorry for the rambling..hers some spoilers

Winners of TGP:

Damian(7 episodes)

Samuel(7 episodes)

Lindsay( 2 episodes)

Alex(2 episodes)

its rumored that Lindsay will be the leader of a rival school called Pendleton. I also seen a rumor that Lindsay may be the new girl Sheila...but I'm not sure which rumor is true Im guessing the first one is because there are pics of Lindsay on set with a whole bunch of other people.

So the winner of the Glee project is supposed to be Sue's enemy so I guess its either Damian or Samuel.

Also based on Lea and Idinas tweeets it looks like they will be doing a duet together :)


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