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‘Glee’ Season Two: Less Music, More Chenoweth Fox announced this week that the second season of the Emmy-nominated ‘Glee‘ will premiere September 21, 2010.  The DVD/Blu-ray for ‘Glee: The Complete First Season’ will be released a week earlier on September 14, 2010.  That leaves two months of withdrawal symptoms for Gleeks jonesing for television’s hottest show.  Fortunately, the series’ Executive Producers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan feel their fans’ pain.  At a panel discussion sponsored by the Paley Center and the Writers Guild, they doled out just enough information about the new season to keep viewers from spending the next eight weeks curled up in the fetal position humming Don’t Stop Believing.

Brittany and Santana will be major characters next seasonHeather Morrison (Brittany) and Naya Rivera (Santana) will both be upped to series regulars.  Said Brennan, “The Brittany-Santana thing, that just happened.  This genius thing that we could have never planned.” Added Murphy, “We just had a mini tour. When we did Radio City Music Hall and Heather and Naya came out, the roof lifted off.  You sit in the back and you just want to start writing for them.” Morrison, who prior to ‘Glee’ had only dancing experience, will have a solo song in one of the episodes.

Javier Bardem really is guest starring on the show Said Murphy, who directed the recently-wed Barden in the upcoming ‘Eat,Pray, Love‘: “He had downloaded every episode and watched them in a crack binge. He knew everything about everybody.  He was like, ‘I want to come on. Will you write me something?’ How do you say no to Javier Bardem?  You kind of don’t.” 

Kristin Chenoweth will be backAccording to Murphy, “Kristin’s definitely coming back.  We’re getting ready to write that.”

There will be fewer songs per episodeAccording to Murphy, “In the back nine [the last nine episodes of season one], because Fox was so supportive, we were denied nothing.  [We said] let’s go from five numbers to eight.  Let’s see how that feels.  We did that, and I think many of them were fun and really successful.  But then what we realized is people love the numbers but they love the characters just as much. So in the second season we’re going back to five numbers.”

The ‘Glee’ talent search competitors will be spotlighted at Comic ConMurphy revealed that the talent search deadline has been extended to September.  Oxygen will do a reality show about the open call for new cast members.  In the meantime, “At Comic Con this year, we’re starting Comic Con with a fifteen, twenty minute trailer where you get to see all the people all the people from across the country who tried out with their versions of our songs.”

The writing staff will expandIn news sure to make every aspiring television writer’s heart beat faster, Murphy acknowledged that the show was getting to be too much for a three person writing staff to handle. “In January we’re going to bring five or six writers on.” Gleeks who have written spec scripts, call your agents!

Rachel and Finn will stay together all seasonMurphy explained the writers’ thought process. “Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Corey Monteith) broke up twice.  Let’s keep them together, these two very different people, and let’s see over an entire season if there are no break up scenes, what does that couple look like?”  But don’t assume that means the duo will be hopping into bed.  “In television, I always think the key to it is once they sleep together, the air is out of the balloon. We are a family show, and I don’t want the lead actress of the show to hop in bed with the quarterback.  I would hope that would take years to accomplish and I think it will.”

New Directions will make it to Nationals — one way or anotherSays Murphy, “Last year we saw Sectionals and Regionals and they lost.  This year you will see Sectionals and Regionals and Nationals which is really the true pattern.  Just because we’re going to do Nationals doesn’t mean that they have to go.  We always said when we pitched this show to Fox that this show is like the Rocky movies.  We will get to Russia eventually.  They may lose [Regionals] and go see New York.  But I want to see what does the national champ look like in the show’s world.”


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 I really want lots of the Quinn/Puck storyline!!!! I also wouldn't mind putting Finn back in the equation....Jesse better come back too :D

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