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I just hope the season doesnt end on a depressing note, someone dyin on the finale doesnt sound too uplifting does it ;((

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Tisha Caedo

I'm betting my money on Karofsky--even though I don't wanna see him go because I want to see him and Kurt together-- because the writer's said that he will sing "Born This Way" in an April episode I think of Glee...and they said that that person will sing his/her final "swan" song...so yeah!

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I kind of hope it's Shelby, because that could bring Puck and Quinn back together!?

As you can tell by my name I am a massive Quick shipper, but Blaine, Karofsky, Burt or Beth!? NOOO!

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Gabi Nagel
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How about Figgins?

Sue becomes Principal again and plays one of her ugly little games to ruin Glee Club?

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Shelby wouldn't return just to die. I mean she's Idina Menzel for god sake.


It's either Karofsky, Pavarotti or April

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OK. It is during the Regionals episode and from pictures we saw of the ep the only people who we haven't seen Tina, Mike, or Artie in any of the pics. If this is suppose to make the big impact like its suppose too, it could very well be one of the 3 of them.

PLUS Ryan Murphy has said Karofsky will NOT be killed off.

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i have read that somewill get expelled at mckinley high and then commit suicide. then that person will be replace by karofsky. so who knows what will happen

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@Excella, but Tina and Artie are regulars? So that would mean Mike would die. I don't know why, but I don't see this happening. But it's possible.

@Tyler, the Karofsky replacing plot actually sounds pretty good, I think this could happen. I don't know about the expelling - suicide plot though (I could imagine Karofsky would commit suicide after everyone found out he was gay, but this isn't possible). Where did you read it?

It's just mind boggling. There's no simple answer!

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maybe it's not someone big, and they're trying to trick us! maybe, it's Sues' disabled sister??

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I highly doubt it would be Shelby . Why bring Idina back just for her to die in the end ? That's a stupid point .

The trick with the spoiler is that they said the person will sing which cancels off Mike because he doesn't sing . He dances , which takes him out of the equation . My opinion is that it's between Bieste and Carl . I say this for a few reasons:

1. They both are recurring characters , neither one is a regular yet.

2. The spoiler said that the person will sing we have witnessed both of their singing abilities.

3. These characters will have a great impact on Glee , actually Bieste would have the bigger impact . For one she is the football coach , she gave Artie that walk thingy for Christmas , she is like an older sister to Will , and she cares greatly about the kids . As for Carl's impact I could only see Will and Emma having a problem .

I hate to say it but it seems to be that Bieste may be dying . As much as I love her character as well as the actress that plays her I think she will be the one to die .

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