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In hopes of getting this forum up and going...

What are the songs you want to hear on Glee next season, and sung by who?

I wanna hear Apologize by One Republic in Puck's voice.

And Jesse singing We Used To by Daughtry to Rachel, maybe? lol Any excuse to bring him back.

And another St. Berry duet, idc which song.

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I WANT Sexy Back by Jesse St.James.

I think I made that clear on more than one occasion. :D

Oh and could he do "I am slave for you" or anything by Britney Spears?

Wait, now I am just living out sexual fantasies... *.*

So. Yeah. I want a Beatles themed episode, don't care which songs.

Also a Britney one.


I'd love more Kurt/Beyonce covers. Single Ladies was AWESOME.

Maybe Santana and Quinn could pull off Lady Gaga + Beyonce.




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Anything KEITH URBAN, John Mayer, Kings Of Leon

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Your Sex is On Fire would be effing awesome on Glee!

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early Britney Spears ...
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I don't really care what, but I want to hear Brittany, Mike, and Matt. They don't have to have a solo or anything, I'm just really curious to hear their voices! 

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Wonderful by Annie Lennox with all the girls!!
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1. Desire (U2). Puck or Jesse would be great with it.

2. Bob Marley! Imagine Santana singing Turn your lights down low...

3. The Rolling Stones

4. Are you gonna go my way!

5. King of Pain. Either Quinn or Kurt would give an amazing rendition.

6. Shape of my heart. That song was made for Rachel, period.

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Maybe Quinn singing Bangles' Eternal Flame? And a little Selena by Santana, lol.
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something by angus and julia could make a pretty duet with quinn/puck

maybe santana or rachel singing some blondie?

ohhh or anyone singing radiohead's creep. i think that could definitely fit in with their 'loser' status.

also i would like to see something by the who. maybe a group number or a guys' number.

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