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idek they just don't work for me
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i like them

but rachel's always going to love finn more.

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trolling in the deep

rachel's always going to love finn more.

i know and it makes me sad...i hope one day she realizes that she deserves more than finn. 

i just made my first st. berry video, hope you can check it out when you can:


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^Awesome video!

I think Finn and Rachel don't really have a future together when they go out of high school... Hes prob always going to be in Lima and Rachel is def going to be famous when she grows up and goes off to NY....

Rachel and Jesse have more of a chance of being together I think... 

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awww I love them so much. 

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i just love Jonathon Groff so cute and sings beautifully.  But I'm not fond of Jesse character at all.  Funny yes but he always has an ulterior motive IMO.  Rachel has her crazy ways at times and yes she can be selfish.  But she is trying to be a better person (DUETS).  In THE FUNERAL when she complimented Santana on her raspiness while singing, showing a nice side of her that Jesse was shocked to see.  When they were out for the solo all would kill for it as Rachel put it so did Jesse, this just shows how Rachel and Jesse are really very different now since Finn came into her life.  Rachel is not as self absorbed and self serving as she once was and as Jesse still is.  Rachel has become more like Finn regarding social skills and they really seem to love each other showing PDA without objections New York on stage Kiss.  Jesse seemed to go to Rachel to get some assemblance of his former self since he flunked out of college.  He lost his direction and purpose seemed to me he was trying to get it back with Rachel's focus and talent.  Now that said in conclusion Rachel and Finn had their problems and lots of them.  They were both wrong in many ways.  Finn made a complete ass out of himself and realized he was making a mistake thusly making all attempts to get Rachel back when he realized she loved him in every way.  Jesse came to apologize which was big of him and he tried to get her back but he saw where he stood with Rachel.  The heart is where the heart is.  To me all three characters had major flaws and all three realized they exist and became better people.  This is why I love GLEE.

Finn and Rachel are the core couple of the show and Glee showed it since the PILOT.  I'm just glad that a character such as Jesse St James was on the show to have a definite purpose to outline all these characters and their motives.  Just makes the show have more content and varied outlook for all viewers.  For me instead of hoping for certain couples to be together I hope for great story telling that is compelling, interesting and moves and makes my heart beat faster.  Another reason why I love GLEE.

I hope for great story telling for season 3.  Cannot wait for September 20.

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