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Anyone else hear this Glee cover? At first I was sooo pissed a guy was covering...I really wanted it to be Quinn and Sam (the lines "before I met you, I was laright but things were kinda heavy you brought me to life" make sense between the two of them) but I aboslutely LOVE THIS COVER!


Congrats Glee, you've won me over yet again <3

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I think its a really great cover!! Loved it!!

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haha i know, i thought it would be so weird but i actually love it.... it's my favorite from next episode :)

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Not tomention the lead singer is so cute :)
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the guy is so hot and im in love with him

hes such a good singer! amazing

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too bad he's gay *sigh*

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We Darren Criss (the lead guy) i don't think is actually gay so you're all good.

I absolutely loved it but i was in love with him and his amazing voice (and complete hotness) already.

Seriously, if you liked him in Glee watch A Very Potter Musical on youtube. It's like a spoof on Harry Potter, but not in an offensive way, it's really funny and the singing is amazing. Especially him.

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He's so SEXXXXY <3

and the cover for teenage dream was simply AMAZEBALLS.

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I love love love this cover.... It's better than Katy's version imo

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