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i have to say, i loved the episode it was amazingly done. However my one problem is they cut out a bunch of scenes. for example when finn is talking to mr. schue (from the promo)


hope they get out of the habit of teasing us with scenes that they end up cutting out!

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I really loved this episode. They havent really been focusing on Finchel, choosing instead to grow other storylines. Because of this, The first time felt really DESERVED for fans who have followed this ship from the beginning.

Also, Klaine...was soooo adorable. "I wanted to be your Gay Bar Super star" xD love them and love how this was handled. It was nice to see Blaine get a little bit human.


Also, it was so rewarding to see the New Directions actually get to put on a musical.


All in all, my favorite episode of the season...maybe the last two seasons.

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This was the BEST EPISODE EVER.  The filming, editing and acting was perfection.  Cory should be recognized for his outstanding performance.  Lea, Darren and Chris were exception.  The First Time presented a wonderful social statement that sex is and should be about love, respect, trust, and intimacy.  Brittany said that her first time was someone coming into her tent like an alien invasion.  Santana stated that it takes 20 or so times to feel an accomplishment.  Quinn had regrets.  I loved Tina having such a poignant outing of her first time and revealing to Rachel all its perfecton and no regrets.  This showed the difference between couples in love having mutual respect and trust to share a wonderful emotional bond.  Compared to others who have sex for sport and have no emotional bond, respect and honor for their partner's feelings.  Santana showed me in her callous and condemning condescending wise crack of Finn that she still is seeking what true love is.  She has no idea what love truely is and how one treats it.  Respect is a product of real love and Santana doesn't have a clue.  Tina knows and she called Santana out about it being awful to say that.

This episode showed me what a wonderful couple Tina and Mike truely are.  They were wonderful.

Finn's world was crushed and his dreams came crashing down.  All in his face just re-enforced his lack of self confidence but he had Rachel there to be his emotional backbone(not pity sex)to encourage and support and be his cheerleader as he struggles to find his way.  This is what someone who loves you does.   Finn and Rachel have gone through all kinds of struggles and ended up still together and more mature facing adult dilemmas.  They are so supportive of each other creating more storylines for each of them as individuals and as a couple.  This episode has shown a side to this couple to being real and emotionally bonded and to be soulmates. 

Blaine was more human and flawed in this episode.  Kurt exceptional.  Karofsky coming out slowly having a poignant conversation with Kurt his once victim.  A bear cub to be sure.

The music and the lyrics fit the storylines perfectly.  The musical performances were perfection.  All the actors were awesome.  Puck hysterical.  Beiste was wonderful.  Artie was brilliant.  Again Tina had the  most heart felt monologue.

Again, I feel this episode showed sex is more than the act but is 99% love trust respect and more intimacy.

Fox network should be proud that this episode was executed with delicacy to the subject matter.  No visual necessary but to visualize romance and love to be sweet and pure for any teen's first time.

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^^completely agree with you!


btw did anyone else notice that finn still had his jeans on during the sex scene?

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Yeah, I did see Finn's jeans and Rachel was down to a slip or a camisole.

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lol, yeah i did notice that too.

by the way, anyone else find it weird that finn called his mom by her actual name?

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hats off to FOX for giving us great episode every week :)

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