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Mine are:

#1: The Subsitute

#2: Blame It On The Alcohol

#3: Britney/Brittany

#4: Journey To Regionals

#5: Laryngitis

what's yours? 

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The pilot episode (#1) was, in my estimation, the best episode for story, the way that the sectionals episode (#13) was very satisfying musically (and convincing story wise).  I also very much liked Duets (#26) for both the Sam and Quinn storyline and the Rachel and Kurt duet at the end.  After that, though, I've found I watch a lot parts of 3 recent episodes, mostly for the music: A Very Glee Christmas (#32), Silly Love Songs (#34), and Blame It On the Alcohol (#36).


I suppose it's important to note that Rachel is my favorite character and that the episodes I enjoy the most feature her the most.  With that in mind, I like Showmance (#2) just for her changing the assembly program and Theatricality (#20) both for the Mom-Shelby storyline and Lady Gaga numbers.  Or, I can not really care much for The Sue Bowl Shuffle (#33), and still find I put on the Rachel-Puck duet of "I Need You Now"; and I was among the many who were very disappointed in the songs they did at Sectionals (Journey, episode #22), but find I enjoy the last 20 minutes or so of the episode, beginning when they leave the stage.


In fact, there are actually 13 episodes I watch all the time.  What that leads me to think is that Glee is really a great show, for whatever shortcomings any of us can gripe about.  I'd even bet that no 2 of us would list the same 5 shows as favorites -- which means to me that there are a lot more than a few good to personal favorite shows in the Glee catalogue to date.  That puts the gripes in perspective (if I'm correct in how varied favorites are, of course).

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I have different episodes that I really like. But my favorite is the episode where in the beginning where Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison sang their version of Endless Love.

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1.The Substitute - my favorite part was when they sang "Forget You"

2. Audition - Sunshine Corazon

3. Duets - Sam & Quinn "Lucky"

4. Madonna Episode because of the songs

3. Pilot Episode - the episode that got me hooked up on Glee. =)

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1. Silly love songs.

2. Blame it on the alcohol.

3. Pilot.

4. The episode where Kurt comes out of the closet to Mercedes and his father (forgot how it's called).

5. Never been kissed.

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1) The Substitute

2) Furt

3) Duets

4) Wheels

5) Journey


MissGossip the one where kurt comes out of the closet is called Preggers, its series 1 episode 4 x

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1) Journey- for the baby:) 2) Furt- the wedding:) 3) Wheels- the food fight:) 4) Theatricality- Beth:) 5) Blame it on the Alcohol- everyone being drunk:)
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1) Sectionals-Everything was fantastic. The "Sex isn't dating" line, the sectionals performance, Sue was ruthless as ever, and all the storylines wrapped up nicely.

2) Journey to Regionals-Everything was fantastic, once again. The performances, Quinn's baby, the moving end scenes, and the fantastic Sue/Will scene at the end.

3) Duets-Perfect ensemble episode, perfect balance of comedy, heart, and great music. ANd Brittana insight.

4) TIE b/t Mattress/Hairography-perfect set-ups for Sectionals

5) Silly Love Songs-another great ensemble episode. and fantastic Santana character insight.

As for the funniest, I'd say Blame it on the Alcohol. Santana, Arite and Rachel, when drunk, were especially hilarious. I'm not really putting it in the list b/c of Kurt's biphobia, (basically the entire i'm-bi-never-mind storyline), and how the episode slowed down after the (hilarious) party.


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1. Origanal Songs ( SO FUNNY)

2. Laryngitus (awesome)

3. Brittany/Brittey

4. New York

5. The Power of Maddonna

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Well I don't remember much of S1.... So out of S2 my fav eps are:

5) Furt

4) Special Education

3) Blame it on the alcohol

2) Prom Queen

1) Born this way

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