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I agree totally.  The show is finally adressing Beth and now Quinn's crazy go figure.  I know she's been full of heartbreak and pain for 2 seasons but to go off the deep end  EEEWWWWW!!! She's gonna be hit with a missile when reality hits her.  She is unprepared to care for her child in any way.  Mr Shue was right in his assessment of Quinn and her actions and was correct to give her a stern account of her misgivings and the need to grow up.  The only thing Shue has done to respected for since s1.  I feel Puck has matured greatly and is appreciative of Shelby's generosity to include them in Beth's life.  He was such a softy.  Loved Loved Puck epi 2.  Quinn is so over the edge of reason to even comprehend that her desire to have custody of Beth is beyond absurd't.  I hope crazy Q doesn't last long.  Rather her come to terms with her pain and now that Beth's in her reach take the opportunity to be apart of her life as much as she can.  Then hope to be happy or be the mean beotch as her character is so well accustomed.  I rather her be mean and a B***ch than this craazy sad doesn't believe undeserving of happiness I'm worthy girl with pink hair.


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I'm sorry, while I would love to see Puck and Quinn get back together, I want Quinn to be absolutely burned by this childish, and frankly, cruel desire to take Beth away from Shelby.

I love they parallel they draw between Quinn and Shelby; when Quinn accused Shelby of never being Beth's mom, it brought back the scene in Theatricality when Shelby admitted she'd never be Rachel's 'mom', just her mother. But seeing her with Beth and hearing her describe how she feels about her proves that she is the best person to look after her, I completely hate Quinn for being so childish. I can't understand...I just don't like it. I really don't like it. At least Puck (who at this point is the most mature character around-thank God!) will be able to talk sense into her. I hope.

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I love that Quick is going to happen/happening!
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I literally squealed when I saw all this quick-ness on tumblr sfjdklfjswpejfklsd. and Jade, flawless icon <3

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