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I'm kinda nervous with all that death storyline and the return of Holly is strange too. After Regionals and during Regionals, what do you think is going to happen on Glee?

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Glee will be allright... more slushee, role-play love, ridiculous competitors for the competition. Finn hooks up temporary Quinn before he sees another girl with short skirts, Rachel will be single for a while and concentrate with the singing, Kurt will be back to New Directions, Puck is back in bullying after a short redemption, Santana keeps banging every male in the town, Brittany (cutely) still stuck with his four-eyes Archie, Asians is still very much united, etc. (still assumption) :p

Glee is confusing yet unpredictable, so Im gonna sit, wait and prepare to download some new songs! ^^

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Glee Quotes

Beiste: Dr. Jones said the new end of world date is September 27, 2014
Brittany: That gives us like two whole years of giving love and brutal honesty to everyone we know.

Relationships are a lot like flowers. If you find the right seed, put it in good soil, give it water and sunlight, bam. Perfect bud. And then comes winter and the flower dies. But if you tend that garden, spring will come along and that flower will bloom again.

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