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I really don't like Lauren, and i think it's very wird that Puck likes her so much... They so don't fit together! I hope she is not in the next season.

But i love Blaine, and Sam is fine too.

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BLAINE BLAINE BLAINE BLAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean Kurt did tell Rachel that Blaine is all for moving to New York with him after they graduate..pluse he they said I LOVE YOU!!! to eachother so he DEFF..has to come back..and now that Sam and Mercedes is dating he has to stay too..i dont think anybody should leave :)


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Blaine!! And Sam too :) I like Lauren but I think she is better in the background, like at the beginning of season 2 when she just had some appearances. I don't like the fact that she is in the club, though.

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BLAINE BLAINE BLAINE BLAINE BLAINE BLAINE BLAINE .....................!! i cannot stress that enough! ^O^


Will he be a main character for season 3????? i hope so!!


Sam and Lauren are ok, but Blaine is an amazing singer and mega super hot and juet awesome

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blaine is the bane of my existence

fucking hell

he is making me dislike darren

lauren can go die in a hole

stupid bitch

why is ashley even on tour ugh

or darren for that matter


and sam wins the show

so yeah

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I like all of them. I think they all should stay.If anything I think the two characters they plan on introducing next season aren't necessary. They have nice size cast as it is.

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Darren Criss <3


HE IS SO HOT AND SEXY AND I WANNA LICK HIS BODY...off topic but yea Sam should stay too they have made him to involved to make him leave..

Lauren however doesnt have much of a storyline she isnt really needed but without her Puck will be single...so yea get rid of her i want the old Puck back <3

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SAM I have come to really like his character now that he is away from Quinn and Santana.  Sam started as kind of weak but as time went on his character seemed to be stronger into a self of it's own.  His character seemed to become full circle when we found out his secret of veing homeless.  Yes!!!!!!!!!

I really like Blaine's showmanship but Kurt is the strong character between them.  Which IMO leaves Blaine's character kind of blah to Kurt's colorful and boisterous self.  Which I just love Kurt to the nines.  Blaine's lines seem to be lifeless to Kurt's emoting which is off the scale most of the time.  I love these 2 together but as a separate character Blaine is more a filler character for the couple.  In scenes as his own character he seems to get lost with the other characters taking the limelight.   Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for Lauren No!!!!!!!!!!  Her character served it's purpose and now can leave.  She is great for 1 liners as a background character not as Puck's woman.  I think she made Puck see that he is not just for the moment for his own selfish entertainment and pleasure but he has to respect a girl and if interested needs to woo.  I liked her for his betterment in that.  Made him a better man.

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I LOVE SAM (Mercedes finally has someone)

Blaine is awesome 4 Kurt.

Lauren.... I don't know about her she's hilarious but she doesn't really have a place on the show without Puck.

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