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Santana or Brittany I'm not sure which. I would've said Quinn but since I'm not a guy I get rid of the thought that her attitude hinders her beauty. But Santana spicy attitude just adds to her hotness and the fact that she's a bitch that admits to being a bitch is awesome. And Brittany's dumb sweetness is so cute to me. But Quinn bitchiness is not hot because she tries to act all righteous but she's the biggest bitch then gets mad when someone who isn't her acts like a bitch. So in order completely on a mix of personality & looks 1)Santana 2)Brittany 3)Rachel 4)Quinn 5)Mercedes 6) Tina 7)Lauren
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Brittany is the hottest

Santana is the sexiest

Quinn is the prettiest

Rachel is the cutest

Tina is the average

Lauren is the adorable


Yes, there is a difference between every word I described for them .

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Oh wait I forgot about Mercedes !! She's the sassiest which adds to her prettiness .

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Quinn has the most gorgeous face its ridiculous 

but hottest i would have to say is santana 

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Dianna is definitely the most beautiful, well they're all beautiful, but Dianna. Hottest is Naya and Heather!

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Santana or Brittany or Quinn are the prettiest in my opinion :)
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Oh wait thus thread says hottest oops in that case Santana
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1. Santana

2. Quinn


4. Rachel


6. Mercedes

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so true

@TeamDair I agree with alot what you've said about Santana and Quinn. IMO Hottest and Prettiest and Most beautiful are subjective to the viewer and beauty is reflective to the eyes of the beholder and what he or she sees in a person so here goes. IMO reflection of beauty is encompassed into one inner and outer reflections.  That said

1.  Rachel

2.  Brittany

3.  Emma

4.  Tina

5.  Santana

6.  Quinn

7.  Mercedes

This is based off s3 for the most part

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Santana I mean hands down!!!!!;)
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