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@gleek12345 : i think when i said " After their breakup, Puck became depressed" is like you said no ? idk :sbtw i found more reasons to add :) 


· When Puck learned that Quinn is pregnant, he told her directly that he wants to be here for her.

· Puck joined the Glee Club for be with Quinn

· Puck gives money to Quinn for their child.

· When they baking cakes and they make a food fight, we see their chemistry.

· Puck help Quinn for finding money for their baby

· Puck  fights  with  his best friend for Quinn

· Puck told Quinn that his family comes first (family =puck + quick + their baby)

· Quinn said to Puck, that he is not a loser, he’s special and romantic

· Puck gives a book to Quinn, for if she wants to keep the baby (Finn has never done that)

· Quinn finds all Puck’s attentions to her, cute.

· Puck doesn’t put pressure on Quinn’s choice. He respect Quinn

· Quinn understand grace to Puck, she must accept her selves.

· It’s very easy for Puck and Quinn to get closer

· When Puck and Quinn are together, we see the best of them.

· When they keep Kendra’s childrens and they hold hands, they are really confused.

· During “Papa Don’t Preach” we see their complicity and alchemy. They are happy together.

· Puck call Quinn ” Babe”, it’s really cute.

· Quinn is ready to keep and raise her baby with Puck but not with Finn.

· Quinn is broken down when she learns the relationship between Puck and Santana

· Puck said to Quinn that he really wants to be with her.

· During “true colors”, Quinn and Puck share a long look that says a lot about their feelings.

· When Quinn falls to the floor, Puck runs to her to help her, he is very protective of her.

· When the truth about the baby explodes, Puck repeats to Quinn that he wants to be with her.

· Puck is really hurt when Quinn rejects him.

· Quinn and Puck have lived together for many months.

· They are proud and happy to officialize their relationship before everyone

· When Puck speaks to a girl, Quinn is jealous.

· During “Gives You Hell” Puck and Quinn are very complicit. We see their harmony.

· Puck made his best for conquer Quinn.

· Puck opens in front of everyone when he sings “Beth” to Quinn.

· Quinn is really touched and moved when Puck sings “Beth” for her. She even some tears.

· Quinn often bites her lips when Puck looks to her. It’s really touching when she made.

· Quinn agrees to give the first name that Puck chose to their baby.

· She also accepts that Puck is with her at the birth of their daughter. The most important moment of their lives.

· During “It’s a Man​​’s Man’s Man’s World ” Puck feels guilty for Quinn’s feeling. We see that he feels guilty.

· Puck is the Quinn’s first time.

· When Puck and Quinn sleep together, Quinn WASN’T drunk. She had drunk just one wine.

· Puck said to Quinn: she isn’t just another hookup for him.

· Quinn is completely conscious and consented when they sleep together.

· When Quinn reviewing her mother for the first time at regional, she seeks Puck by the look for have his support.

· Quinn and Puck share a strong moment together  during childbirth.

· Puck wants to keep Beth, but for don’t make pain to Quinn, he said nothing to her when she asks him.

· Puck confesses to Quinn he loves her. She is really happy when he tells her.

· During “Over the Rainbow”Quinn and Puck share a look and a smile that shows their feelings for each other.

· After their breakup, Puck became depressed.

· When Quinn sings “The only exception”, she watching Puck

· Everytime Puck sings a song to another girl, we still have a quick moment

· Quinn smiled at Puck on numerous occasions, as she never smiled at anyone else.

· Quinn is happy with Puck like she’s not with anyone else.

· Their relationship is complicated but that’s what makes them attaching.

· Puck was with so many girls but confessed his love to one : Quinn

· Mark Salling is a Quick Shipper.

· Quinn and Puck are different when they are together: we see the best of them.

· Quinn cheated Finn and Sam but she never cheated Puck.

· When Santana said, she dating with puck, Quinn tell her she’s getting naked with Puck. Quinn is jealouse once again.

· they have a chemistry that nobody can deny

· Quinn is a typical mean girl blonde gorgeous and head cheerleader and puck is super bad ass with mohawk and tan skin so why they can’t be together? It’s a perfect match

· Puck show his sweet and gentle side when he is with Quinn.

· All the sexual tension and love and secret they share together

· Puck and Quinn are great but Mark and Dianna are even better.(Mark Salling)

· During Mash-up when Quinn seen Puck with Rachel, she’s so jealous

· When Quinn learn that Puck is in jail, she’s cares about him. She want know why.

· Quinn is the only girl that intimidates Puck

· Quinn is puck’s everything.

· Because Quinn fangirls everytime Puck sings

· Quinn and Puck are totally imperfectly perfect

· Quinn don’t like when Puck is too close of Rachel

· Quinn and Puck are the only couple who lived together during some month

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 This is so beautiful.

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quinn and puck should be together because they are adorable and it is basically the only time i enjoy quinn.

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ITA with everything you just said. 

best thread ever. 

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