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So in the preview for Never Been Kissed, it says, "will crosses a line" and flashes between him and a scared looking emma in a doorway, what do you think it means!?!?!:)

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I think it means that he's forgotten their little talk at the end of this week's, and he's back to being completely creepy and gross.  I HATE how he is now, he's overly obsessed with emma and needs to back off and let her be happy with carl.

He's changed, and I don't like it. :(

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maybe......he is definately being kinda creepy/gross. I mean it's one thing when you have a crush on someone, but you respect the fact that it cant happen (emma season 1) and as much as i love wemma, emma is with carl now, and he makes her happy so will needs to back off 

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I don't know how many lines are left for him to cross. I mean, what else could he do? In the latest promo Emma seems to be shocked...

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I think he did something that really upset emma enough to make her so shocked, i mean i used to love him now this season he just went too far I mean the "Britney" episode where he sang toxic with his students again HE SANG TOXIC AND DANCED INAPPROPRIATELY WITH HIS STUDENTS that definitely was wrong, then the Rocky horror enough letting a student play Rocky then him playing Rocky??? He really went too close and too far in that episode. 

He changed, his story line has gone from nice and caring teacher to obsessive and inappropriate. I hate it.

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Emma isn't exactly innocent of the whole creepy/gross thing, so what if he asked her to rehearse, she totally didn't have to get into character for that. I hated that she ran and told Carl. Dude, she was so into the rehearsal. I'm not saying she was into Will, but it did give the wrong idea.

Just because it was Will's idea doesn't mean it's his fault. She ripped his shirt off, and even if it was rehearsal she KNOWS he still likes her.

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