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will she leave New Directions sooner or later or will she become a regular?

I really hate her and specially when she's with Puck, so I hope she'll leave...

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I really hate her and specially when she's with Puck, so I hope she'll leave...


totally. She HAS to leave!!!

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that probably depends on what they do with kurt at dalton. she's technically only in the club as his replacement to get enough numbers for regionals, so as long as kurt's not in new directions, she'll be there. if he comes back... honestly, they'll probably leave her in now that she's with puck. I like Lauren okay individually, but her with Puck is just weird.

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Bring back Kurt to new directions pleeeaase! Lauren is funny but i dont like her in new directions!

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I like Lauren but not in New Directions.  She doesn't bring anything to the table like the other members of New Directions.  Rachel, Artie, Quinn, Santana, Mercedes, Sam, Finn, Puck, and Tina all sing really good.  Mike and Brittany are amazing dancers so what can Lauren do.  She doesn't sing that well that's why they gave her the song I Know What Boys Like.  You really don't have to know how to sing in order to sing that song.  And if you look back to Special Education episode.  She looked really awkward trying to keep up with the others. 

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i heard ashley fink (aka lauren) is like a broadway freak. like she did musicals and theater throughout her life, and she had to sing when she auditioned for the show. so maybe she has a great voice, they just gave her a bad song to do..

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I'm not really a fan of her character and I don't like her at all with Puck. Therefore, I hope she leaves.

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My assumption is that Kurt will come back and Luren will stay.
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Not understanding this Lauren hate at all. I think she's hilarious and hope she stays. I'd love puck to get back with Quinn but am loving his scenes with Lauren thus far.

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I love her, she's so funny. I hope she stays, but not with Puck!

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