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Let's talk about our favorite performances/sequences of the entire series. They can be your favorite for any reason whether they were funny, sad or just plain entertaining. Please note these don't necessarily have to be your favorite songs. Again, this is purely about the performance.


"Push It" - by ND's Original Six; the humor and cheesiness of the performance captures what the show is all about.

"Halo/Walking on Sunshine" - the glee girls were literally on drugs.

"You're Having My Baby" - that scene was classic Finn.

"Don't Rain On My Parade" - simple yet exhilarating.

"My Life Would Suck Without You" - I liked the "choreography medley."

"Gives You Hell" - boy was Rachel pissed.

"Like a Virgin" - the entire sequence was well done.

"Run Joey Run" - Rachel's idea of being "scandalous."

"Pink Houses" - when Kurt was trying to be straight; "…really bold interior decorating…" 

"The Safety Dance" - Artie's fantasy flash mob

"Tell Me Something Good" - Will was one step away from giving Sue a lap dance.


"I'm a Slave 4 U" - Heather was on FIRE!!!

"I Want to Hold Your Hand" - Kurt's flashbacks with his dad

"River Deep, Mountain High" - just non-stop fun.

"Sing!" - Mike in all his dancing, non-singing glory

"Teenage Dream" - I'm  a sucker for a cappellas.

"My Funny Valentine" - Even though it's vexing that Tina never gets to finish a solo, Jenna did a great job with this scene.

"I've Gotta Be Me" - Mike/Finn dancing callabo.

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'Touch a Touch me' - (JM ripping off MM's shirt was'nt even scripted) Hot :D

'Like a Virgin' - More than Hot xD

for sure :P


'Singing in the Rain/Umbrella'

'I love New York/New York, New York'

'Do you wanna touch me'

'Born this Way' - Epic *-*

"I'm a Slave 4 U"

'My Life Would Suck Without You' - Wemma Kiss *-*

'It's my Life/Confessions' - Finns look during the performance was epic :'D

'Good Vibration' - Mercedes was, again, epic (;

'Fire' - I hate April, but man, she can sing!

'Turning Tables'

'Hot Patootie, Bless my Soul' - Hate Carl, but he's got a great voice

'4 Minutes' - Cheerious did a great job

'I wanna hold your hands' - I am not into romantic songs, but that was sooo good (:


Yeah, can't think of more now ;)

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Anything and EVERYTHING by Blaine :)

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Empire state of mind


born this way


raise your glass

thriller/heads will roll

it's my life

losing my religion

and many others that i don't remember now.

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Thriller/Heads Will Roll

Bella Notte <3



My Cup

It's my Life/Confessions

Go Your Own Way


I'm sure many more xD

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(No order)

My cup


Born This Way

As if we never said good bye

Loser (not like me, the one with Finn and Puck in sheets and things)

Rolling in the Deep

Jesses girl

Mans world

Been down two times

Fat bottom girls

Cant fight this feeling




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oh and thriller/heads will roll

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