Sorry, I just can't imagine the show's 100th without her. It just feels very, very, very wrong.

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i totally agree. but they've already finished filming the ep so even if we do start one, it'd be to no avail.


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i'm in.

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please no

she can't be in the 100th episode since that's already been filmed.  Maybe the last season, or preferably, the series finale.

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even if the 100th episode hadn't been filmed and we made a petition Taylor has said several times she isn't planning on coming back to the show anytime soon (or ever, for that matter) 

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We can't be completely sure..


There was a spoiler for the 100th episode that said all the characters that were there for all 5 years would be there, so MAYBE she will make an appearance..

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but she hasn't been in the 5th season

and i agree with manbangs&littlej, even if we did make one with tonnes of signatures, i don't think she would agree to come back. she's way too preoccupied with the pretty reckless and her music endeavours. but the pretty reckless is awesome so C: 

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I know this isn't really possible because they've already wrapped things up. I just wonder if the producers went to some lengths in order to get her back even just for the 100th episode (because it's a show milestone, I guess). I wonder if they even tried. I don't know. It still feels wrong that it's Kaylee Defer's name that pops up in the credits and not hers. It feels wrong that she wasn't in Dan's book (not even a mention!). Just, so many things feel wrong right now. Lol

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True. It feels very, VERY wrong. I love Kaylee but I'll always miss Taylor. And would choose Jenny over Ivy anyday. She was a huge part of the show. I also miss Connor.
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I would accept her back If she dosent look like a racoon eyes
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